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If you are paying for digital marketing services every month but not seeing any trackable results from that cost, consider Dealer Authority. Our completely customizable digital marketing solutions allow dealers to choose the services that will assist their team the best.


Choose from Social Media | Pay-Per-Click | Search Engine Optimization.


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Incredible company! I could go on & on about every one of the employees that I have come in contact with & how much they have done for our business. Highly recommend.

Kelly Collins

Marketing Director, Eagle Automotive


We know our stuff.

Is your digital marketing provider a partner with your dealership or just another vendor? Dealer Authority’s team of seasoned automotive professionals consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ internal marketing team. With an average of over 12 years of automotive experience, our team understand the digital marketing needs of dealerships first-hand and customizes social media campaigns and landing pages that drive leads and monthly sales.




DA is different.

Dealer Authority’s expert SEO team never buys into the philosophy of “set it and forget it”. If we are building pages for your dealership, then we are constantly checking the ranking of those pages, that all links and videos are still active, and if any improvements can be made. There are specific search queries that are being used when a consumer is shopping for a car and those queries still apply to your dealership’s pages, whether that content was built last week or last year.


Dealer Authority has powered DealerRefresh’s Facebook page for most of 2018 and thus far into 2019. I have been impressed with their communication, enthusiasm, and expertise. Give them a call to see what they can do for your business. They’re fantastic partners!
Alex Snyder

CEO, DealerRefresh


We help you find the human element.

At Dealer Authority, we promote your products on social media only after establishing an organic, friendly environment. Your followers will become accustomed to finding useful, entertaining, and informative posts. It’s the digital equivalent of “wining and dining” your date before moving in for the first kiss. When we finally approach your sales messages, they are not jarring or disruptive, rather, they function as a natural extension of the ongoing conversation between the dealership and the locals.

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