At Dealer Authority, our goal is to help our clients stand out not only within their market, but also within their OEM. To do that it takes attention to detail, customization, and unique marketing strategies. More often than not, dealers assume that to truly make an impact – to be that shinning star – their dealership will need a massive marketing budget behind it. On this matter I would beg to differ. If a dealer truly wants to stand out in their market they need a strong message that differentiates themselves from their competitors and the pulls on the consumers heartstrings – enter Jeep’s “More Than Just Words” digital commercial.

Jeep’s “More Than Just Words” Super Bowl Commercial aired on digital and social media platforms only, and saw over 106 million views.

Jeep “Big Game Blitz” | OneRepublic | “More Than Just Words”

Now, we know you’re thinking… Jeep is a major brand under the Fiat Chrysler Automobile umbrella, and has a massive marketing budget at their disposal. But I think there are three valuable lessons that can be taken away from this successful marketing campaign that all dealerships could take note of.

1. It’s all in the title – “More Than Just Words”

This commercial has barely any voiceover, with the exception of OneRepublic’s version of The Star-Spangled Banner, yet the message to the viewer is extremely clear. Jeep is an American brand, and as such represents and supports the ideals and traditions of Americana: landing on the moon, getting your drivers license, football, Times Square – the list goes on! In the current political climate that we find ourselves, Jeep says “Hey, we have always been great – and here’s why…”. Now let’s apply that to the independent car dealer – how do you get a 106 million viewer moment without the massive marketing budget? Well…

2. Tell YOUR message that stands out from your competitors.

Jeep has a rich history and this is extremely evident with the imagery that is used in the commercial. Just like the Jeep brand, your dealership is unique – so why doesn’t everyone in your market know it? The digital space is the perfect place to flaunt your expertise within your OEM and your market; conveying that message can be achieved with a relatively low budget and a savvy digital marketing team on your side. Video can be a little intimidating for businesses, but if done correctly, the outcome can be great!

Take Jeff Schmitt Lawn and Motorsports for example. This location in Beavercreek, Ohio sells everything from ATVs to snowplows to lawn mowers, all of which have relatively high price points with longer timeframes between purchase frequencies (much like car dealerships). Yet, when you view their Facebook page, you are instantly “pumped” to call up the dealership and schedule an ATV test drive.

Jeff Schmitt Lawn and Motorsports Facebook Page

The cover video is simply comprised of b-roll – people driving through rivers on their ATVs, kicking up mud in their Polaris, plowing crops, and look like they are having a great time doing it. I live in an apartment with absolutely no storage space, but watching this makes me want to jump in my car and come home with a Polaris.

That’s what you’re looking for! That “I gotta have that!” moment that your advertising gives your potential customers.

3. It’s personal.

Money is personal. Purchases are personal. So if it isn’t already, why isn’t your advertising personal? Jeep took a digital commercial and turned it into a representation of their brand’s core values: Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity, Passion. The consumer doesn’t get any personal investment from a dealer popping up on their tv screen, raising their voice, and cutting to an aerial view of their dealership – but they might take a moment to listen when they see the experience that they can enjoy once that purchase is made, the time they will spend with love ones on the road, and the places they will see. Time is precious and so is the consumers’ dollar, so a dealership’s advertising should honor its value.