Car Dealerships Should Advertise with Waze

You heard me right – Waze. This mapping application is running in second place for total active users, with 25.6 million people using the app daily. Google Maps is the mapping giant when it comes to daily users (154.4 million to be exact), and therefore it is crucial to make sure that your Google My Business and pay-per-click campaigns are in check, dealers would be remiss not to consider adding Waze to their digital marketing strategy.

For those that aren’t regular users, Waze not only runs on the data input by its developers but is continuously updated through user entries. This crowdsourced social network is continually made up-to-date with information on road closures, police in the area, traffic hazards, and even gas prices.

This untapped advertising resource is particularly important for dealers in metropolitan areas to participate in as the number of daily users in metro areas is higher. Let us show you why you should consider Waze in your monthly digital marketing strategy.

1. Waze is an affordable branding option for dealers.

Dealers can advertise their location on Waze for as little as… wait for it… $2 a day. You are probably reading this thinking, “That’s nice. But what does $2 get me?”. A $2 daily budget gets you a branded pin that hovers at your geo-tagged location. Advertisers also automatically come up when users are searching for companies in similar industries to their search term – i.e., if a user is looking for a car dealership in the proximity of your dealership, your dealership will come up first before non-advertising locations. The same goes for your service department.

2. The impressions are impressive.

Waze promotes its advertising option as a “digital billboard,” and we agree entirely. Check out these stats from a Dealer Authority client that is currently using Waze. For May, this dealer spent a total of $80 but received over 41,000  impressions from drivers in their area.

3. Drivers can navigate to your location with ease.

When drivers see your pin, all it takes is a simple click to get them to your showroom. In May, 19 people navigated to this Dealer Authority client’s location and 89 ad clicks for a total of 108 total actions. This is an average cost of $.74 per action. If you really want to get drivers attention, consider Zero-Speed Ads. These ads only populate on a Waze users screen when they come to a complete stop for 3 seconds or more. These ads also have a higher price tag (starting at $169 per day).

What truly sets Waze apart from Google Maps when it comes to ROI is that you can actually see the navigations that are taking place. Take your Waze advertising a step further and include an incentive for those that navigate to your dealership via Waze.

Dealer Authority is ramping up to launch a new digital solution that will offer Waze Advertising and Management to car dealers. This form of digital advertising is cost-effective and most importantly – we are going to take a wild guess that your competitors probably are not utilizing it. At $2 a day, what do you have to lose? Request a demo and see what results can be generated from an advertising budget under $100 (unheard of).

Learn more about Waze Advertising from Dealer Authority CEO, Tyson Madliger.

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