There was a video put out by Veritasium that highlights a problem many of us have known about for a long time. There are a lot of click farms out there who sell Facebook likes and it’s been a growing industry due to the insane popularity of the social network. One contention of the video is incorrect, however. It makes it seem as if this epidemic is unavoidable. It isn’t.

Facebook is arguably the most accurate advertising medium on the internet in that you’re able to target people appropriately with very minute details included in the targeting. You can target people for their interests and intent, something that even Google hasn’t really mastered. You have the standard targeting based upon geography, age, and sex, of course, and you can target specific people through their email addresses.

For car dealers (and just about any local business), Facebook has tools that allow you to isolate your targeting. Through Power Editor, custom audiences, ad tracking, retargeting, and custom categories, it’s really not that difficult to go after only the most valuable people within your market. In the video, they use the “Promote this Page” button. This is the easiest way to get going on Facebook advertising, but unfortunately it’s also the easiest way to do it wrong.

Don’t fear Facebook ads based upon the loose experiments below. That’s not a jab at the video producers; what they’re exposing is important information that every business interested in Facebook should know. However, it’s like saying cars are too dangerous for the road because the chances of an unlicensed driver getting into an accident are high. If you do Facebook advertising the wrong way, you’ll get bad results. If you do it the right way, you’ll be a rockstar.

Here’s the video: