There is one universal question that we ask all of our clients and most of our prospects on just about every call. “Why haven’t you tried Lotlinx yet?”

This post is designed to offer rebuttals to the most common objections. We are extremely particular about the products that we’re willing to resell to the point that we have said no to literally dozens of other products and services – Lotlinx is the only exception. In no particular order, the objections and our rebuttals are:

  • “We don’t have the budget available.” – Since the budget can be set at any amount from hundreds of dollars per month to tens of thousands, it’s not a question of whether or not there’s a budget available. The question really should be, “What am I spending money on that’s under-performing?” One marketing source that doesn’t under-perform is Lotlinx, which is why 40% of our clients increase their Lotlinx budget after month one or month two. To date, nobody has decreased or cancelled.
  • “I’m already buying leads from some of those 130+ third party sites.” – The beauty of Lotlinx is that you have complete flexibility with your options. If you like the leads you’re buying from a site like AOL Autos, great! There are 130+ other sites that aren’t sending you leads, so you can keep paying for the leads you get from some of the sites and turn on the Lotlinx traffic-generating power on the other sites.
  • “It’s too good to be true.” – This is one that we had challenges with initially. Some dealers have simply been burned so badly in the past with new marketing strategies that they are instantly hesitant of anything that isn’t familiar. Then, a current client actually gave us the rebuttal that we needed. As she put it, “It’s month-to-month. There’s no setup fee. Combine those two things with a 96% retention rate and it must be delivering on the goods.”
  • “I don’t understand how it works.” – It’s very straight forward. When shoppers are on 3rd-party sites searching for vehicles, clicks to the majority of those vehicles keeps them on the site. Any leads that come in are sold to vendors and/or OEMs before being distributed to multiple dealerships. Lotlinx dealers have their listings at the top of the search and clicks go directly to the dealers’ website vehicle details pages. Dealers pay for the click, not the lead, and have an exclusive opportunity because the shoppers are now on their website rather than surfing the 3rd-party site with multiple dealer inventories. It’s a no-brainer.
  • “I’m not in a very big market.” – Size doesn’t really matter. Dealers only pay for the clicks that they receive, which means that they can never overpay for the service. It’s all about results that benefit the dealership, so even in a small market the service will deliver only the shoppers available to them. If anything, small markets will get a high percentage of the shoppers in their area.

No service is perfect. We’re not ready to anoint Lotlinx as the ultimate car selling machine. We are, however, willing to put our name behind it because the results have been strong for our clients. With no commitment and limited risk, it shouldn’t be a matter of wondering if you can afford Lotlinx. The real question is whether you can afford to not try Lotlinx while your competitors jump ahead.

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