Top AutoMarketing Twitter Accounts

I have a secret. I rely on others to find stuff for me. It’s a sad situation; I often feel like I’m using people, but they’re going to do it whether I use them or not, so I might as well take advantage of them. If you’re a dealer or vendor, you should take advantage of them as well.

Who am I talking about? There are several people in the car business who have a knack for finding important content that can help car dealers and vendors rock in digital marketing. These wonderful champions of #AutoMarketing knowledge then share what they find on Twitter and other social media sites. They are invaluable to me – some of the strategies that I employ today for clients came as a result of reading what these vanguards are insight shared.

I have my own list and I’ll be happy to share it, but I’d love some input. Who else should be on the list? Who else is putting out killer information that helps the industry as a whole? There are plenty of people who only post self-serving things and that’s fine – nothing wrong with that – but those who are sharing gems of data mixed in with their own marketing efforts – those are the people that I want on the list.

There are plenty that use Twitter strictly for communication. They are awesome… but they’re not on the list. While I love talking to them, they’re “purists” using Twitter the way it’s supposed to be used, so it doesn’t help on this particular quest.

Marketing best practices. Automotive industry news. Helpful advice. Links, pictures, videos, text – all of it can help.

Here’s a sampling in no particular order:

Currently, I have 167. I’ll publish the entire list, but I want some feedback first. Who do you think deserves to be on it? We want automotive people only. While I might love what Kim Garst or Chris Brogan put out, they’re just not car people. Dealers, vendors, consultants – if they know cars, we want them on this list.

Post them here!