Tools for Better Dealership Pictures

Marketing online requires a constant stream of relevant imagery from your dealership. Customers respond best to real pictures of inventory and human faces. You do not need a professional photographer to get great images. Below are a few easy-to-use photo editing apps designed to help users enhance and perfect shots.  Whether you are snapping a new model fresh of the transport truck or sharing an inside look at a new salesperson during their tie-cutting ceremony, be sure to punch up your pictures and make them look fantastic!

Our Top 3 Tools for Better Dealership Pictures


This is simple to use photo-editing program for both iOS and Android. Snapseed allows users to edit pictures with swiping gestures to select different effects and enhancements. Users can also opt for an automatic adjustment of color and contrast.


Known for being one of the simplest mobile photo-editing applications, PicMonkey makes retouching faces as easy as pressing a button. By selecting the “face” image on the editing screen, there is a simple retouching tool that lightens, corrects, and even hides blemishes. This application is especially useful for happy customers and employee photos on the go.


Considered one of the more advanced mobile photo-editing programs, Pixlr offers many of the same tools as Photoshop, but with the convenience of mobile. Features include red-eye reduction, spot healing tool, drawing tools, clone tools, sharpen, blur, and more. And the best part? It’s completely free.

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