Earlier this year, we wanted desperately to help our clients find the right chat solution. I explored many dealer websites and became upset at how abysmal most chat solutions had become, so I set out to review them to find one to recommend.

After seeing the field and taking pitches from nearly everyone, I chose CarChat24. All was well and several dealers contacted me in the months since then to tell me that they were pleased with my recommendation.

For the last few weeks, our executive team has been hounding me to get chat up on our own website. I called Shereef at CarChat24 and he told me I could have his software for free. This made me feel uncomfortable. We did not select CarChat24 as the top chat provider in hopes of getting rewards or kickbacks. I was in the process of declining when he told me that their software was free to anyone who wanted to manage it themselves.

Well heck, if anyone can get it for free, then it’s not a kickback! We’re pleased to have it on our website. Chat with us whenever you like!