Building a startup is hard. It’s about using sweat instead of cash. It’s about finding the exact right people instead of mass hiring because every role is absolutely crucial. It’s about a diet that consists of ramen noodles and home-brewed espresso – Starbucks is a luxury. It’s about getting creative with marketing rather than throwing a ton of money at it.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dealer Authority is extremely honored to be on Startup Alley at next week’s Driving Sales Executive Summit. The opportunity is a huge one for us because it’s our first booth presence at one of the “big” automotive conferences.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on pens, USB sticks, or stress balls, we decided to use our booth space as a photo booth so attendees can have an old school piece of memorabilia from the event that they can take with them and cherish for decades. Here are the top 10 reasons photos are better than other pieces of swag you’ll get at the event:

  1. They won’t take much space in your suitcase.
  2. You’re not getting a product. You ARE the product.
  3. It’s a picture. A real picture. No disk space taken up on your phone.
  4. You have enough pens and USB sticks, and stress balls just turn into pet toys or projectiles, which in essence causes more stress.
  5. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, one strip will be a book’s worth of verbiage.
  6. They make great bookmarks. Just don’t try to put them into your Kindle.
  7. If you’re not buying into the “analog is better” argument, we’ll still send you the digital version.
  8. It can be used as valid proof that you really were attending the event and not at the craps table all day.
  9. Why wait in line to get a picture with a celebrity when you can walk right up and get a picture with Erika, JD, or Subi?
  10. We’re a startup and we could really use your support.

Come by startup alley, learn about the latest and greatest things happening in the automotive digital marketing realm, and make the most out of DSES. You deserve it.