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Custom & Targeted.

Dealer Authority’s automotive social media team builds custom, hand-crafted Facebook posts. These posts highlighting three criteria for your dealership: the brands you sell, local events, and your dealership. We never syndicate content across multiple Facebook pages. We believe true engagement is earned by speaking directly to your followers in a genuine way. We monitor and engage with customer comments and reviews to convert a conversation into a sale.

By utilizing third-party data, we target in-market shoppers looking to purchase a vehicle in the next 60 days.


Facebook Ads.


Constructing an effective Facebook ad requires finesse. The messaging is important and may encompass anything from branding to a specific incentive or collection of featured inventory.

We employ a multitude of delivery methods, including single-image, carousel, video, and instant experience ads to attract your audience’s attention. Our advertising strategists combine impressive graphic design with engaging and effective copy-writing. 

Targeting Options.


Equally as important as your ad’s visual appeal is the targeting. We collaborate with our dealer partners to identify the best strategy for reaching customers most likely to purchase. As a result of our partnership with Facebook we have the option to focus your messages very broad, for branding and awareness campaigns, or extraordinarily specific, all the way down to individual models.

For example, we can deliver a hand-crafted message explaining the benefits of buying from your dealership. Along with a specific lease offer on your best-selling vehicles, directly to consumers who have been identified as being “in-market” and likely to buy that model.



The word “transparency” is thrown around a lot, but few marketing agencies have the capability. Let’s be honest here, the desire to disclose how every penny was spent, and exactly what was achieved.

Dealer Authority delivers a comprehensive report which details every measurable imaginable. We show you every ad and every post. We lay out our strategy and later report back on how effectively we achieved our goals. Using a combination of Facebook reporting, Google Analytics, and our own robust reporting tools we show you impressions, clicks, views, cost-per-engagement, website visits, and what happened when the shopper landed on your website. Finally, we verify with you that the most important objective was achieved, sold cars.

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