Never Syndicated and Always Customized to Your Dealership’s Specific Goals

It’s time for a new strategy.

The Custom & Targeted Approach

Dealer Authority’s automotive social media team builds custom, hand-crafted Facebook posts.

These posts highlighting three criteria for your dealership: the brands you sell, local events, and your dealership.

We never syndicate content across multiple Facebook pages. Meaning that every post you see on your timeline is completely customized to your dealership.

Ready to convert more qualified leads from your social media channels?

We believe true engagement is earned by speaking directly to your followers in a genuine way. We monitor and engage with customer comments and reviews to convert a conversation into a sale.

By utilizing third-party data, we target in-market shoppers looking to purchase a vehicle in the next 60 days.

The entire team at Dealer Authority helped our dealerships and our staff navigate through the entire COVID-19 situation amazingly. They created landing pages on our websites that helped customers shop online and worked with our staff to coordinate delivery options. Our social media ad strategist knocked it out of the park and was constantly in contact with me, my employees, and the owners of the dealership.

Jeff Schneider

General Manager, Szott M-59 Chrysler Jeep | Szott M-59 Dodge Ram SRT



Constructing an effective Facebook ad requires finesse. We employ many delivery methods, including single-image, video, and instant experience ads to attract your audience’s attention.

Our social media strategists combine impressive graphic design skills with engaging and effective copy-writing to convert your online customers to a sale. The messaging is important and can encompass anything from branding to a specific incentive or collection of featured inventory.


happy couple with their new car purchase

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Automotive Instagram Example


This social platform cannot be ignored when it comes to your dealership’s social media strategy. With over 1 billion users, and growing, this is a rich resource of new customers just waiting to be tapped!

Not only can posting to Instagram enhance your dealership’s brand awareness, but it is also a great way to educate your customers on your inventory, showcase how you do business, and share the stories of happy customers.

Take them behind the scenes at your dealership and under the hood of your latest arrivals by utilizing Instagram posts, stories, and reels.

Find out how Instagram will benefit your dealership.

Twitter & YouTube

Whether is starting on a conversation about your inventory, showcasing new features of the latest model, or giving kudos to your staff for a job well done, Twitter and YouTube offer your customers channels to learn about your sales process, services, and build brand loyalty with your dealership.

Start your dealership’s new social media strategy today!