One of the most important reasons that we formed our company in the first place is because we wanted to change the way that dealers receive their digital marketing. We found our niche in social media marketing and search engine optimization, but now it’s time to consider other things. What should those things be? We are calling to our audience, both clients and non-clients, to help us determine what the next chapter will be for Dealer Authority. We are not going to be changing our core – search and social are always going to be what we do best – but we feel that our expertise and experience can help us to guide dealers in the right direction. In the comments below of via the contact form to the right, please let us know your thoughts. What are some of the services that we should consider offering? We believe in open partnership; we’re not interested in white labeling anything, nor do we believe in building when there are plenty of great specialists out there. Help us craft our next chapter.