Social Media Marketing for the Automotive Industry

There is a constant debate within digital marketing realm over the value of social media marketing for the automotive industry. Does posting to social media truly drive sales and increase leads or is it purely for brand awareness?

At Dealer Authority, we have proven that social media has a significant impact on the month-over-month increase of traffic to dealerships. Through local content, bolstered by third-party data, including links back to our client’s websites, traffic is continuously driven to custom landing pages that engage the potential customers and therefore – lead to more sales.

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Incorporate Local Content in Your Social Media Strategy

What does it mean to include local content in a dealership’s social media? Local content includes events and posts that are tied to happenings taking place in your dealership’s surround community. This could include a local charity that your dealership is tied to or an event that your dealership is sponsoring. The days of posting a dealership’s inventory to their Facebook page or Instagram feed are over. Your social media followers want to have a personal connection to your brand and build trust with your business. The more you enhance that connection through local content, the more likely the shopper is to think of your dealership when they are in the market for a new vehicle.

Reach Your Target Audience with Third-Party Data

So, how do you reach this target audience? Facebook and Instagram have changed the playing field and in order to reach your audience on social media. In order to have a truly defined target, dealerships must participate with a digital agency that can provide access to third-party data. Organic reach is extremely limited. Third-party data allows our clients to target not only specific geographical locations, but also shopping habits, credit scores, family lifestyle and so on.

Need More Proof? Check Out the Numbers!

Recently, we reviewed a client’s social media analytics since implementing third-party data in October of this year. The results were truly impactful! In just one month, the client saw an increase in click-through rate by 56%, post clicks by 14%, and a decrease in cost-per-click by 20%. The dealership was gaining more engagement on their Facebook page and spending less to do so! This rapid improvement in social engagement also lead to impressive traffic to the dealership’s website.

Shoppers that engaged with the dealership’s Facebook page and clicked on a link that lead to the website spent 178% more time on-site than the month previous, clicked through over 3 pages, and spent ample time browsing through the content.  These analytics are just a taste of what third-party can do to increase qualified traffic from a dealership’s social media to their website.

Need Help Creating an Impactful Social Media Marketing Strategy?

It isn’t impossible to create a strong social media strategy on your own, but developing a plan as an independent business will not allow you to access third-party data and your budget invested will be limited. Take the brain damage out of this process and let the expert social strategists here at Dealer Authority do the heavy lifting on your behalf so you can focus on what you need to: selling more cars.


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