The promise that was made indirectly by social media sites and directly by social media companies in the early days of the boom a few years ago was that getting in front of the masses was great way to sell more. Fast forward to today and the tune has changed for many, not because the promise was a lie but because it wasn’t fully realized.

Today’s sales pitches focus on certain buzzwords:

  • “It’s great for branding.”
  • “There is a subliminal benefit when they see your posts all the time.”
  • “Reputation is the real benefit of social media.”

While all of these are true, most companies and dealers have pulled away from the concept of using social media to actually sell more cars. This is a mistake. It can help to sell more cars in a very direct manner. One simply needs to take advantage of the incredible targeting abilities of sites like Facebook and Twitter. They then have to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Dealer Authority uses a proven strategy to do these very things. It goes beyond posting pictures and links. It’s about going after the buyers in the place that they spend a good chunk of their time every day and then putting the right messages in front of them.

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