Social media is mostly a visual medium. Sure, there are text posts and link posts, but on most of the networks there’s a tendency to lean in favor of images and videos. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear understanding of the dimensions for display… or at least have some cheat sheets.

There are two reasons that we added “for now” to the title. First and most obviously, social networks rise and fall. They come and go. These are the important social media sites going into 2014, but that doesn’t mean that all of them will make it through the end of the year as important ones. They probably will. There is, as always, a very good chance that another will rise into the ranks of the social media elite.

The other reason is that they often change their designs. Google+ and Facebook in particular are notorious for changing the design specifications, often multiple times in the same year. If you’re finding this article in 2015, chances are some of the information will be obsolete. For now, they work and should be great tools for meeting your automotive social media needs.. Thanks to Tent Social for the infographic (and sorry for chopping it up into its pieces rather than displaying it individually).

Social Media Design Blueprint Header

Facebook Dimensions 1

Facebook Dimensions 2

Twitter Dimensions

GooglePlus Dimensions

LinkedIn Dimensions

Pinterest Dimensions

Instagram Dimensions

YouTube Dimensions