SEO for Car Dealerships

All SEO Strategies Are Not Created Equal

Why is SEO So Important for Car Dealers?

SEO for car dealerships definitely matters, but, why? Well, that’s simple. With the right strategy, your store can reach expert status in all the right places.

To understand the impact and benefits of a positive and aggressive organic SEO strategy, it’s important to know what one looks like and how to implement it on your website.

Become a Local Expert to Drive Sales to Your Showroom Floor

First, we’ll start with the end in mind. The goal of search engine optimization, or SEO, is quite simple: to be seen as an authority or expert on a subject or subjects, based on specific Internet search criteria, or keywords, entered by a user. Now, all that technical mumbo-jumbo aside, what does that do to help a business like a car dealership?

Here’s the key: Success in any consumer-driven business is all about being seen. Once you’ve been noticed, you have the chance to win the consumer over with your specific advantages and benefits. Only then do you have the opportunity to insert yourself directly into their buying decision. As you already know, the car shopping process has been taken online for the most part. In fact, at this point, nearly every single car shopper will perform some sort of search online when researching a vehicle or looking for relevant, nearby dealership options. That’s where a winning SEO strategy should come in.

Target Your Ideal Customer with SEO

An effective and optimized SEO strategy is one that significantly increases your website’s search rank and overall visibility, with targeted website landing pages that offer a broad spectrum of information on a very specific subject; in this case, cars. These pages need to be able to target car shoppers based on an exact make and model, as well as the location in which they are performing their search.

Now, the real question: How do you actually do all of that? Well, the easiest way is to enlist the expertise and focused skills of an agency like ours, of course. In lieu of that option, there’s still plenty of hope for your website, as long as you care enough to make the right SEO strategy changes. Which, if you’re reading this at all, you probably do.

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Search Engine Optimization

Develop Content That Sets Your Dealership Apart

Once you understand the fundamental ‘why’ and ‘how’ of SEO, you can begin to focus on the nuts and bolts. This all starts with content.

When a page is created on a website for the purpose of offering information and being seen as a relevant source for that information, it should be both optimized to perform under current search engine algorithms, and built to be digested and interacted with by real, actual people.

Even as little as five years ago, or so, your ideal SEO strategy involved simply dousing a page with your target keyword(s), like over-salting a bland casserole. Much has changed in a short time, however. Now, an appropriate food analogy to describe a proper SEO strategy would be more like a well-seasoned rack of lamb, garnished with caramelized or glazed carrots and asparagus tips, paired with a fine French Chardonnay. Meaning this: your ideal SEO leading page is well planned and thought out, constructed of premium ingredients meant to deliver a specific set of flavors and aromas, all appealing to the targeted appetite.

Quality Content is More Than Just Words

So when it comes to having the best SEO for car dealerships, not only should your content be well written, it needs to deliver a wealth of sound, useful information, based on its subject matter. It should be comprehensive and interactive, offering appropriate links to readers, as avenues to their desired next step. The use of dynamic layouts, high-quality pictures and buttons also go far in creating a page that is pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to navigate.

The combination of high-quality content and an appealing layout will most certainly increase not only the average user experience but also their total time on your site – improving the possibility of a user turning into a solid sales lead.


SEO Goes Hand in Hand with Your Overall Marketing Strategy

SEO becomes even more effective when paired with other tools, such as social media channels, pay-per-click campaigns, and dealership blogs, for instance. Like the fine meal I used as an example earlier, these tools all work together to make for an optimal experience, bringing out the most essential ingredients and flavors of the dish.

Food analogies aside, a good dealership SEO strategy is about delivering an experience to be remembered, and standing out from a dense crowd of like-minded competitors to be a trusted source of information and thus, a trusted partner in your customers’ automotive needs.

SEO for Car Dealerships Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery

If you’re ready to take your Dealership’s SEO strategy to the next level, but not quite sure where to begin, call on Dealer Authority to get started. Our team of SEO specialists will develop a custom strategy to help you not only stand out from the competition but actually drive new traffic to your site and showroom. Contact us today to learn about how we can take your SEO to the next level and integrate it with your PPC and Social Media Marketing efforts so you can start selling more cars now.

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