SEO for Car Dealerships

Custom Content that Converts Organic Traffic 



SEO is such a vital part of every car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. The organic ranking of your dealership’s website is essential to helping customers who are actively looking to make a new car purchase to find your dealership, your why-buy message, your inventory and financing options with ease. Our competitors claim that they provide SEO for car dealers that leads to results but we have the data to prove that not all SEO strategies are created equal.

At Dealer Authority, our team of seasoned SEO strategists provide our car dealers with the custom content, linking and keyword strategies that give them the organic website traffic lift that every dealer craves – year-over-year substantial increases in traffic and leads.


A Dealer Authority SEO client left to work with a competitor and after only 4 months – was ready to come back into the fold!

The dealership’s leads were down, their organic traffic to the website was suffering, and KPI was not being met. Dealer Authority stepped back in and within the next five months, here is the improvement we made:

76% Increase in Goal Completions

63% Increase in Organic Traffic

294% Increase in Financing Applications

with a 16% Bounce Rate


Our competitors rely on automation to build their clients’ landing pages and website content. Dealer Authority relies on research, not machines, to provide us with the data and information to craft a custom SEO for car dealers that helps their dealership meet and exceed their monthly goals month-over-month. One size cannot fit all when it comes to an automotive SEO strategy because each market is different for each dealer – and the search terms that your target customer are using is different.

Check out how Dealer Authority builds our dealer’s SEO strategies¬†

Our expert SEO team is always checking the performance of the pages we build. Using Google Analytics, we can help your dealership qualifying how your customer traffic engages with your pages and gives them the information they are searching for, ultimately helping them convert to a test drive.

Do you know what your dealership’s keyword strategy is? No. That’s okay! Just ask us. We can show you keywords that are already ranking for and new keywords that we can attack – now.

Let’s get started on your dealership’s custom SEO strategy today.

Every month, we meet with you to show you the progress we have made with your SEO ranking on behalf of your dealership. We want to empower our dealer clients with as much information as possible so that they can see the month-over-month ROI benefits of having an automotive SEO agency on their side.

Start a custom digital marketing strategy strategy with Dealer Authority.