PPC for Car Dealers

Paid search for car dealers also know as PPC is one of the core offerings at Dealer Authority to help dealers sell more cars. With a robust PPC for car dealers campaign we can spend less money to target more shoppers searching for your car dealership’s services. PPC for car dealers requires constant attention, not “set it and forget it” like other providers offer. Dealer Authority offers fully managed PPC for car dealers services that generate quality traffic to your car dealership website and increase sales. Sell more cars with PPC for car dealers and social media marketing from Dealer Authority.

Sell More Cars with PPC for Car Dealers

In addition to offering PPC for car dealers, Dealer Authority specializes in social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimization for car dealers. Our team of automotive experts has an average of 11 years automotive experience which means we know the unique needs of car dealers. We craft custom social media marketing campaigns for car dealers as well as fully managed SEO and PPC offerings with constant monitoring and adjustments for the lowest spend and the highest ROI.

Automotive Experience Drives Our Team

Dealer Authority is fully run by automotive industry veterans who have worked with car dealers on the sales, service, and vendor sides for an impressive amount of time. Everything we do is to sell more cars. If any of your marketing efforts do not sell more cars then you are wasting money. Social media marketing is excellent for branding but the real power is in the sponsored posts.  With SEO, you have to dominate your competition with custom landing pages optimized for search. Pay Per Click is not “set it and forget it.”

For more information about how to sell more cars with automotive SEO, social media marketing, and fully managed paid search campaigns by Dealer Authority, please call us to schedule a consultation: 888-963-9617