It’s here. Some car dealers dread this time as it means that they have to travel across the country to keep up with the latest and greatest. Others relish it because they get to travel around the country to see the latest and greatest. The Fall Automotive Conference season is just getting started.

Dealer Authority is proud to have two of our team members speaking at a pair of the top events in the country. First, Subi Ghosh will be speaking at the Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston, September 22-24 in Boston. Someone from our team has been at every single one of these – that’s 6 in all – and we’re pumped that this looks to be the best one ever.

In October, JD Rucker will be speaking at the Driving Sales Executive Summit in at the Bellagio in Las Vegas October 12-14. As with the IS20Group, we’ve been to all 6 of these as well.

There are tremendous conferences every fall in the automotive industry, and while we can’t always be at all of them, we try to spread our educational style whenever we can. If you’re going to either or both of these events (and you really, really should go to both) then be sure to catch our team hitting the stage and making things awesome for car dealers.