Live video is truly taking over Facebook these days. If you have a business page, surely you’re using this feature, right? Let’s assume you broadcast live on a fairly regular basis. Wouldn’t you like your live broadcast to reach more people? Of course, you would and here’s how to set up a successful Facebook Live.

Facebook has given users the awesome power of scheduling live broadcasts. If you manage a business page and broadcast, you MUST start doing this. Think about the anticipation of a major show and you’re so hyped about it. You just can’t wait until it’s on. That’s what scheduling your live video broadcast will do. You’ll have an audience already eager and waiting to watch your video.

When you schedule the live broadcast, there will be a post in your feed that will let your fans know. Your fans can opt in and get a reminder that will let them know a few minutes before it begins. There’s a “waiting area” that launches three minutes before your broadcast and here’s something really awesome (dramatic pause), you can schedule a week in advance of your live feed!

Since the addition to Facebook Creator Studio, the process to schedule a Facebook Live broadcast has changed. We wanted to give you the new process. Trust us, it’s very helpful.

  1. Go to the Create Live Stream page.
    There are a few different ways you can access this page:

  2. Click Connect and follow the instructions to connect your live stream to the Facebook Live API.
  3. Under the Post tab, choose where you want to post your broadcast.
  4. Add text to the composer to say something about the Live broadcast.
  5. Click Schedule.
  6. Enter the date and time you’d like your Live video broadcast to start.
  7. Click Upload Image to add a custom image to your announcement post.
  8. When you’re finished setting up your post, click Schedule