Are you utilizing digital marketing to promote the services your dealership provides?

Your dealership’s service department is a great source of revenue for your business, but are you promoting it properly? How often do we talk about it? Not nearly enough. That’s all about to change, and here at Dealer Authority, we hope that you’ll find some tips and tricks below to help you think more creatively about how to market your service center.

Make SEO Work for You

“But I’m already doing SEO,” you think to yourself. Our question to you is how are you leveraging your SEO strategy to funnel customers into your service bays? Are you creating compelling content that works to dispel the notion that servicing at a dealership is too expensive? How about showing off some of your specials and highlighting the highly trained technicians on your team? Are you re-using old content over and over again (a BIG no-no), or are you crafting unique and entertaining articles that will keep your customers and keep Google happy?

Customers are more willing to bring their vehicle in for service if they know a master mechanic will be working on it. Transparent pricing and competitive offers will give a potential customer even more reason to trust you with their business, so make sure your content is clear and accurate.

Last, but certainly not least, is your website mobile friendly? In this day in age, you simply won’t find the success you deserve without a mobile-friendly site for consumers to read and engage with your content. Especially if they are searching for your information from the side of the road with a broken down vehicle.

Service Through Social

Take care of your customers, both current and future, through your social media channels. Not only can you use your social platforms to spread that great content you made for your SEO strategy, but you can keep an eye on your service reviews. The majority of service customers will look up your reviews online, so make sure that each review is responded to, whether it’s positive or negative. Work a customer issue out on a negative review, and future clients will see that you address any problems and are committed to working towards a resolution. That’s big when it comes to gaining trust, and it’s too easy an opportunity to pass up.

Be sure to share your current promotions.

Are you checking in with customers who have utilized your dealership’s services in the past? Retargeting through Facebook or Instagram is an excellent way to reach an audience that already knows your brand and has voted for you with their pocketbook. Your past client lists can easily be added into your social media channels and posts can be created with them specifically in mind. These sales opportunities are low-hanging fruit for any dealership.

Also, be sure to share your current promotions on your social channels with creative graphics, client-generated content, or live videos. Customers want to see the real you, and social media is the perfect place to showcase what makes your dealership different.

Here’s a freebie; many service waiting rooms allow dogs. Next time someone brings their furry friend along with them, ask to snap a photo and share! Everyone loves a happy four-legged Fido, or even better yet promote the fact that a customer can bring their dog to the waiting area. Anything you can do to lessen the stress for a customer who is having to have their car serviced is a win. You can also show off the amenities of your waiting room, snack station, game room, and whatever else you have that sets you apart from other dealerships or third-party repair shops. We will say it over and over again – show the world what makes your dealership unique from your competitors and you will reap the rewards!

Fill Your Service Bays with a Competitive SEO and Social Strategy

If you’re making great content, sharing on social, involving your customers, and staying on top of your reviews, bravo! Now consider this – are all of your technicians working at full capacity? If the answer is “no” then you have an excellent opportunity to drive more revenue to your dealership through your service department.

All of these digital marketing avenues have the capabilities of increasing your service technicians’ hour verses your total RO.

If you would like to know more about how to incorporate these ideas into your dealership’s service strategy, our team of social media and SEO experts is always here to lend a guiding hand. Contact us today for more information and discover how simple it can be to increase your service revenue this year!