Offsite Linking

Links that help reinforce your dealership’s domain authority.

There is such a thing as a unique linking strategy.

Our competitors claim that they provide a custom linking strategy for each of their clients, but do their clients actually know where these links are coming from? Have you asked your SEO provider to share those links with you?


Dealer Authority is different.

We take Google’s latest algorithm update into account and make sure that your landing pages are linking back to useful content, that actually pertains to your dealership. In doing that, we are increasing your website’s ranking faster and with a stronger domain authority.


We all know the importance of backlinks. Dealer Authority takes this process a step further and by making sure that your dealership’s website is linking to useful, engaging content that is valuable to your business. Google needs to know that your business is an expert in your industry and Dealer Authority makes sure that Google knows exactly that – you are an expert in automotive and deserve that #1 spot.

Your customers trust your dealership and now it’s time to make Google trust your website. By creating links back to your dealership offsite that are relevant to the automotive industry, Google knows that you have authority in your brand and your industry, and your ranking will rise.


Unlike paid advertising, like pay-per-click, your dealership’s links don’t disappear if your SEO services end. We see your dealership’s SEO as a long-term investment and we want our clients to be able to reach their full digital potential with solid SEO and improved ranking. Through custom content and unique linking, we can help your dealership organically grow and therefore lead to more qualified buyers coming through your sales pipeline.

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