Sending your Marketing into Overdrive


A holistic approach to marketing your dealership.

Octane is a fully customizable marketing strategy unique to your dealership that offers PPC, SEO, and Social Media Advertising resulting in less stress, more qualified leads, and ultimately, increased revenue for your dealership. 

Our team will assess the branding implemented in your daily traditional marketing campaigns, work closely with your existing vendors, and carry that strategy throughout your social media marketing and landing pages. We utilize our expertise to improve and reinforce your dealership’s message and branding on the digital stage in a way that is custom to your dealership and cohesive across all platforms.


We understand dealerships need to differentiate themselves online from the competition to be successful, and we work with you to develop a cohesive marketing strategy with a compelling and consistent message using Octane.

Our digital marketing teams will work together to make sure that your dealership’s advertising on Facebook and Instagram is hitting your website’s landing pages, all while reinforcing that messaging through your pay-per-click campaigns. Everything works together to give your dealership more traffic and lead to more sales. 

From mobile to desktop, banner ads to radio spots – no matter where your customer is looking (or listening) they will find the same messaging, incentives, and artwork that matches your dealership’s monthly goals.




At Dealer Authority, we are not your average check the box service and neither is our product.

We give your dealership the competitive advantage by giving your business exclusivity within your market and with Octane, every Facebook post, pay-per-click campaign, and article is hand-crafted by our automotive digital experts.

Our digital marketing and sales staff have an average of over 11 years in the automotive industry and we use that when putting together your dealership’s digital strategy.

Social Media

Our team at Dealer Authority specializes in crafting tailored and captivating social posts exclusively for your dealership. Our approach revolves around three crucial criteria that we believe are essential for maximizing your dealership’s impact: showcasing the brands you sell, promoting local events, and highlighting the unique aspects of your dealership.

One aspect that sets us apart is our commitment to originality. We never engage in content syndication across multiple dealerships’ pages, ensuring that every post displayed on your timeline is customized to reflect your dealership’s distinct identity.

Are you eager to enhance your social media presence and convert more qualified leads? We believe in earning genuine engagement through authentic and direct communication with your followers. Our team actively monitors and engages with customer comments and reviews, skillfully transforming conversations into valuable sales opportunities.

To enhance our targeting strategy, we harness the power of third-party data to identify in-market shoppers seeking to purchase a vehicle within the next 60 days. This enables us to deliver content with precision and efficiency, directing the right messages to the right audience at the perfect moment.

Search Engine Optimization

Dealer Authority focuses on creating high-quality, custom content that drives leads to dealerships. We understand that potential car buyers prefer researching and starting their buying journey online, so they craft engaging and informative landing page content. This content goes beyond the typical dense and technical vehicle descriptions on many automotive websites. Instead, we strive to make the content relatable to all car shoppers and emphasize what makes each dealership unique, such as community commitment or exceptional customer service.

Pay Per Click

Dealer Authority offers Automotive PPC Solutions to help dealerships increase website clicks and decrease cost-per-click. Our team of automotive Pay-Per-Click experts creates custom paid search campaigns to make dealerships stand out from the competition.

Unlike a “set it and forget it” approach, Dealer Authority constantly reviews and optimizes campaigns to achieve the best results. Our goal is to attract more in-market shoppers to dealers’ sites and physical stores.

To keep up with Google’s frequent changes, the company continuously tests and improves its Pay-Per-Click solution. We prioritize delivering high-quality clicks at the lowest cost possible, relying on a dedicated team of automotive Paid Search experts instead of automated tools.

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