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Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck with their marketing dollars. Octane 360 is a strategy that ensure all aspects of marketing are consistently branded across digital and traditional.

Octane 360 is a service that allows dealers to combine their traditional marketing efforts with their digital marketing efforts. Through Octane, Dealer Authority lays out a digital strategy that fits your dealership’s specific needs and identifies competitive opportunities and weaknesses. We then apply that strategy to your SEO, Social Media, and PPC Campaigns to ensure that ALL of your marketing efforts are working together as a unit.

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It can be overwhelming managing all aspects of marketing while also giving a consistent message with the OEM. Dealer Authority’s Octane strategy makes sure

The team at Dealer Authority continues to impress us with custom SEO and Facebook campaigns. I hop on the phone with our rep often to brainstorm and update our ads whenever needed. Seriously, I text him at 11:30PM with ideas and they are addressed! 24/7 service! They are truly committed to helping us sell cars, and it shows in every facet of their business. Strongly recommend Dealer Authority to other car dealers.

-Jeff Schneider - Szott Automotive Group

I love Dealer Authority; highly recommend. They invest in building a personal relationship with our dealership. It’s like our Facebook guy is here in the showroom! We speak often and find creative ways to get our cars in front of in-market shoppers.

-Frank Caputo - Porsche of Huntington

I use Dealer Authority and they are absolutely incredible! We collaborate daily and they really help me make it happen in all facets of my digital strategy. Dealer Authority is dynamic and a game changing company.

-Jake Davis - North Georgia Toyota

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