A Tale of Two Garys

In what we hope to be the first of many exciting partnerships in the future, Dealer Authority and IM@CS have formed a channel partnership. In it, Dealer Authority will be working in conjunction with IM@CS’ search and social teams to enhance their product offering and bring a new level of improvement to their clients.

As part of the deal, I will be taking on VP responsibilities at IM@CS. As the infrastructure and client base of both companies expands, it makes the most sense in order to keep Dealer Authority growing at an incredible pace while bringing our services to IM@CS clients.

The addition of Gary May to the mix is huge.

This represents a major lift for both organizations, solidifying our relevance in the industry despite being less than a month old while improving on an existing product offering at IM@CS with our unique brand of search, social, and content domination. The services that we’ll be offering through IM@CS are going to be unique to them; this is a combined effort and our own search, social, and content services will be administered and delivered by my team while the similar services offered by IM@CS will be administered by us but delivered by them.

With 20,000 dealers in the industry, this unique type of relationship makes perfect sense. Both teams are fighting against the scourge of bulk marketing efforts offered by the larger corporations that dominate the industry. In other words, we’ll be able to expand the personal touch and commitment to excellence through both companies without ever stepping on each others’ toes.

We’re pumped, just as Dealer Authority and IM@CS clients will be pumped. In this situation, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts.