If you are like our automotive SEO team and you feel the hours tick down on Sunday evening and sometimes sense the dread of Monday morning, you’re not alone.  Even the most motivated go-getters out there deal with the rough transition from the freedom of the weekend, back to the grind of the work week.  Here a few Monday motivational tips to start your week off right from our dealer marketing team!

Step 1: Start on Sunday car dealers

Spend Sunday evening becoming mentally (and actually) prepared for the week ahead.  Plan your outfit for Monday. (Yes, even remote automotive SEO team members can benefit from a professional appearance to set the right frame of mind.) Next level, lay out your wardrobe for the whole week!  Meal prep.  Cook bulk healthy food and portion it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.  Tidy up the kitchen and main living spaces so you wake up to a pleasant environment instead of energy draining clutter and chaos.

Step 2:  Don’t hit the snooze button, even if you do automotive SEO from home

This one is hard for some people, but you MUST get your lazy bones out of the bed as soon as you awake. Even if you wake unexpectedly at 5AM, instead of laying back down for a little more shut eye, go ahead and get moving.  Use your “bonus” time to accomplish the remainder of these steps! Automotive SEO for car dealers requires attention to detail and precision.

Step 3:  Get moving car dealers

Run a mile, walk around the block, stretch on your porch, walk the lot car dealers– notice a theme?  No matter what level of physical effort you can commit to you’ll reap massive benefits if you perform your routine OUTSIDE.  Fresh air, movement, and sunlight can do wonders to jog a sleepy brain back to life.  If there’s a blizzard or heat wave and you simply “can’t even” then do some simple stretches, and jumpin’ jacks inside to get your blood pumping.

Step 4:  Find some motivation to rock automotive seo for car dealers 

DO NOT READ THE NEWS.  Unless you like starting your day with a punch to the throat, don’t watch the news, don’t read the paper, and don’t scroll through Facebook (unless you’ve unfollowed/unsubscribed from all news outlets – which I HIGHLY recommend.)  Instead, seek out inspirational books, videos, podcasts, etc to fuel your tired brain and motivate you to make the most of your week!  This could be related to your specific field of work, broad motivational content, or even your bible.  Whatever gets you nodding along in agreement for a powerful, wonderful week – do that.

Step 5:  Eat the frog first- car dealers SEO

Whatever task you’re least looking forward to, do that first.  Make the tough phone call, write the report, stock the trade, reprimand the employee, or re-stain your back deck.  Whatever you’re dreading, make it priority number one so it’s not looming over your head all day/week/month.  Be like Nike, Just Do It.  The remainder of your work will seem like a piece of cake by comparison.

Bonus Step for Car Guys:  Walk the Lot – Car Dealers Automotive SEO

Whether you’re a salesman, manager, GM, internet sales consultant, or dealership marketing professional working on automotive SEO, you must be familiar with your product.  Not just which brands you sell, highlights and features.  You must know what you have in stock, where it is, what condition it is in, and how to find it QUICKLY.  The lot walk used to consist of physically checking the inventory out front (and back) of your dealership.  Now you must ALSO walk the virtual lot, your website.  Poke around and get familiar with your online showroom.  Your shoppers will know EVERYTHING about your products when they arrive, you should too.

Ok, go to work!  Happy Monday, Everyone.