Converting New Leads From Instagram to Your Dealership’s Website

You have put in the work and have made sure that you are posting to your business’ Instagram multiple times a week. You are building an audience and creating engaging content that is leading potential leads to your website, but maybe you aren’t sure if you are taking full advantage of that traffic?

You know you can add a link in your Instagram bio, and you’ve seen other businesses add multiple links in their bio, but you aren’t sure how to set it up.

Well, get ready to take a few notes because I am about to show you how to maximize the link in your bio in three easy steps.

1. Select an application for linking. For this example, I am using Linktree.

There are several options on the market that provide a free solution to add multiple links to your Instagram bio. In addition to Linktree, you can use, Leadpages,, Shortstack, or other options of your choice. Linktree is so simple to set up, that it was a natural choice to add our links to the Dealer Authority profile. Once you sign up for the application and verify your email address, you will see how the links will display on mobile to the right and your linking options to the left.

Linktree link breakdown

2. Select the links you would like to highlight in your profile.

This is the point where you can get very intentional with the links that you are utilizing. You want to be sure that you are using links that are reinforcing the content that you are posting and leading your audience to more detailed information.

WARNING: Try to stay away from landing prospects on your home page. If a shopper wanted to go to your home page, they would Google you. Be intentional and send your Instagram traffic to a landing page that carries over the content that your audience is seeing in their feed.

To take your links to the next level, consider building custom UTM codes for each link. You will be able to view the traffic that is coming from Instagram to your website, but it will be even easier to assess this traffic in Google Analytics if you apply a UTM code, as you can add a “linktree” tag within the URL.

My UTM builder of choice is Google’s Developer Tool, Campaign URL Builder. See an example below of how you can set up your own UTM codes.

Preview of the UTM building from Google Developer tools.

You can also customize how each link displays on each button, with a tagline or call-to-action that supports the landing pages that you build.

To make sure you are encouraging a steady click-through rate, make sure that the copy, though short, is intriguing and engaging to your audience to help solidify their conversation to your website.

3. Select the branding for your Linktree buttons and add your new link to your profile.

If you are going with the free option of Linktree, you will only get a select number of colors to choose from for your buttons, but I’ll be honest, the color options would go with just about any brand.

If you don’t see an option that fits your brand standards, $6 per month will fix that, but for our purposes, we are going to stick with the free option for now.

Once your color is selected, you will see a preview of the links you created and the color of your choice on the right side of your screen. You will also find the link to copy and paste into your Instagram profile. Copy this link, paste it into your profile, and you are ready to roll!

Feel free to check out Dealer Authority’s Instagram profile and try it for yourself. The set-up and application are easy, and it creates an excellent experience for the end-user.

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