We all know that consumers want video content to help them make shopping decisions. In my recent article on the Google study that shows that 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers, I mention that video gives consumers the confidence to buy, is often used as a shopping list and can be the tie-breaker for someone choosing between options. That’s all well and good, but how can you make videos that have this type of impact on viewers?

We’re glad you asked!

First, Hook Your Audience

You’ll want to keep most videos short, sweet, and straight to the point. Start by coming up with creative and attention-grabbing titles (“Car Maintenance” might be clear, but it’s not very intriguing). Use real people in your videos—not hired actors. Stick with your employees and your current customers (make sure to get your customer’s permission before posting a video with them in it online)! Next, stay engaging. You don’t want to start a video with a dull tone. Keep your content upbeat and action-oriented—even if you’re not moving in the video, make sure that it has a clear goal. For example, if you make a video about a dealership sales event, make sure to stay on task and provide all the needed information about the event.

Telling stories is another great way to hold a consumer’s interest. If you’re doing a vehicle walk-around, don’t be afraid to inform the audience about the time your grandmother spilled coffee all over the seats of her brand-new Honda Accord—but, because the seats are so easy to clean, she got it all off, stain-free! Little anecdotes in between straight facts show the human side of your dealership.

Make Sure to Utilize Different Video Types

New Model Review Video – Every new model hitting your showroom should get an in-depth video review covering its features and highlights, any changes from the previous model year, how it compares to similar vehicles in its class, and why people should consider buying it from YOUR dealership.

Vehicle or Dealership Walk-Around – These should be three to four minutes long, on a topic that will educate and engage your current and potential customers. Highlight the layout of your showroom or delve in-depth into the features on a specific model. 

Unboxing Video – Let potential customers see the newest version of a vehicle, right when it hits your lot! Much like opening a gift, these videos show consumers what’s hiding underneath the wrapping of a brand-new model.

Customer Testimonial Video – Don’t just tell consumers about your high customer-satisfaction rates—show them! Interview customers after a purchase or put an all-call out on Facebook for previous buyers to send in a quick video of them with their car. 

Sales Event Video – This can come in three parts: first, post promotional videos leading up to the event, then post videos of the event, and finally, post-follow-ups with employees or attendees after the event. Score!

Employee Spotlight – Introduce the man behind the mask (so to speak). Consumers like to see the human side of businesses, so posting short videos highlighting Mark from the front desk or Susan from Sales is a great way to put faces to names and engage customer interest.

New Incentives Video – Your dealership should create videos every time your manufacturer comes out with new incentives. That’s a no-brainer! Not only will these help you sell more vehicles during the month of the promotion, but they will also help you get a leg up on other dealers selling your brand in the area.

Seasonal Video – The seasons change for a reason—and that’s for your video strategy! Don’t shy away from making a video of your vehicle-decorating contest for Halloween or your annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Car Service/Maintenance How-To Video – How-to videos, which can be either short or long, are great ways to boost trust in your dealership. Show viewers, it’s not all about sales by posting videos on what to do in a car accident, how to recognize if you need new tires, signs your brakes need to be checked, and general car care tips.

Video Logistics: AKA, How to Look Professional and Stay Creative

Sound and lighting. Lighting and sound. No matter how you look at it, these two aspects are fundamental to the success of any video.

However you choose to shoot your video (and you don’t need any fancy equipment—an iPhone or Android can work just fine), you’ll want to test the quality by first taking a 30-second test video. Keep in mind that if you are shooting outside because the wind, sun, and shadows can all affect both the lighting and sound. As a general rule, you’ll want to film somewhere that is brightly lit, has little to no background noise, and where you can hear and see the video participants.

If you’re shooting on your cellphone and are worried about sound quality, try investing in a lavalier microphone. These inexpensive mics can be attached to iPhones and Androids to help pick up sound. External lights can also be purchased to improve light quality, say, if your dealership showroom is a little dim.

Another logistical tip is to shoot videos in landscape mode because the human eye is designed to see the world in widescreen. Although holding your phone in vertical mode may be easier, think about how you would want to watch a video. (Landscape mode, right?)

By using these tips and tricks, you’ll soon be crafting videos that resonate with consumers. Of course, if you’d like a more in-depth dive into the world of video marketing, our expert team is happy to work with you!