That was a close one. I almost posted a rant about something that really annoyed me in the world of automotive internet marketing, but thankfully I stopped myself. It’s the weekend! Good things often happen on the weekend and people don’t need my doom and gloom.

That can wait until Monday.

It’s something that I learned long ago that many people practice without even knowing it. It’s called mirroring. We often do it during the sales process at car dealerships, whether based upon training or as a matter of habit, that allows our customers (or in the case of your dealership blog – the audience) to feel that we empathize with them. Emulation is a type of empathy and it should flow in both our actions as well as our online presence.

That is not to say that you should be frivolous or irrelevant on the weekends. If you’re having a big sale, make it exciting in your blog posts or social media content. If you’re not having a big sale, latch onto something positive. Look at local events. Posting stuff about swinging by the dealership before heading out to the air show this weekend, for example, can really touch people the right way.

“Before you head to the beach this weekend, why don’t you pick up a new car to show off to your friends!”

It sounds silly, almost desperate, to make a statement like that, but the reality is that it can be effective, especially if attached to an amazing photo of one of your cars by the beach. Whether people realize it consciously or not, they appreciate happy things at happy times. It might sound overly simplistic, but it works.

Save your “serious business is serious” posts for the week. On the weekend, share information that is relevant but that can help people perpetuate the positive vibes they’re feeling. They’ll remember it whether they know they do or not.