When people are ready to buy a vehicle, they want to look at one thing and one thing only: information about the vehicle they want to buy. As a result, the most important way to reach people when they are low in the buying funnel is by exposing your vehicle details pages (VDPs) to them regardless of which websites they’re searching.

That’s where Lotlinx comes in. Dealer Authority offers VDP deep-linking services that drive people directly to your inventory pages from popular websites across the web.

Here’s what normally happens. People visit sites such as AOL Autos. They search for vehicles. When they find one in the local area that they like, they click through to see it. In most cases when people find your inventory on these sites, any lead forms that are filled out are then sold to 3rd-party lead selling companies who may or may not turn the lead over to to your and your competitors that are subscribed to that service!

With Lotlinx, Dealer Authority is able to take people from these websites and place them in your inventory. Once they’re viewing the VDPs on your website, the leads, phone calls, and dealership traffic are yours and yours alone. That’s the beauty of the system. It’s specifically designed to drive more shoppers to your inventory on your website that you control. No more shared leads. No more helping your competitors sell a car. This is the only service available that focuses solely on getting visitors from over 100 websites serving your local area to your vehicle details pages.

This works. It might seem confusing. You might be skeptical. Don’t let miscommunication keep your from being the first in your market to take advantage of this amazing system. Contact us today and find out why we have over a 96% retention ratio.

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