When I was first building this company, a good friend of mine recommended just calling it “Rucker Marketing”. He said that the branding was easier that way and I would be able to pick up clients more quickly by not trying to build up a new name in the automotive industry. There was a problem with that, though. I’ve never wanted this to simply be “my” company. I want it to be yours.

By that, I mean that I’ve always wanted to take what I’ve learned from my decade on the retail side and my years on the vendor side and apply them to answer one question:

What companies would I hire if I ran my own dealership?

When you’ve been on either side of the ball long enough, you learn things. I firmly believe that insights from both the retail as well as the vendor side give me a bit of an advantage in recognizing the good from the bad. Combine that with a tenacious appetite for data, measurements, and statistics that demonstrate real results and you have a formula for the best in truly unbiased and well-informed recommendations that we can make to our dealer clients so they can partner with the best automotive vendors in the industry.

It’s for this reason that we are building TTAP, the Top Tier Automotive Partners list. We want to see what every vendor in the country in the automotive industry is doing and make decisions about who is offering the best that’s available to dealers. In our industry, bigger isn’t always better. Some of the most innovative website platforms that I’ve seen in recent months, for example, are not being built by the mega-companies. In that instance, it’s the smaller companies that are really breaking new ground in the industry.

I look at companies like Lotlinx, vAuto, and Hook Logic and I see that they’ve put together some innovative solutions. I want to know more. I want to see their competitors. I want to see the statistics. I want to see the results.

Then, I want to tell you all about them. Once we’ve identified the best of the best automotive vendors, we’ll proudly publish them here.