Your social media presence is the face of your dealership that reveals your personality. As a well-known local business with a large following and fan-base, you have the power to influence and make changes in your community by allowing your followers to see who you are, at heart.  While ultimately your social media strategy is about increasing sales, it has to be more than just a sales promotion platform.  You need to be using it to promote the things you support and the causes you believe in…the things that help make you more attractive.

When your community recognizes your dealership as a caring, positive influence in the area, you will shine brighter than the competition and your sales will increase, simply based on reputation alone. Use your social media platforms to post about relevant community events, local causes, and organizations, such as your local SPCA or animal shelter. Highlight your community involvement and the things your dealership is already sponsoring.

Finding other engaging and relevant post topics is easy.  Think about what you and the people at your dealership are passionate about and let the world know!  Don’t just post sales message after sales message.  There’s nothing more frustrating than to see dealerships constantly posting this way.  Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.  Would you follow a Facebook page that is only just trying to sell you something?  What about the customers that have made a purchase from you recently?  They aren’t in the market to buy again anytime soon, so when the only side of you that they see is the sales side, it is unlikely that they will be longtime followers of your dealership.

The proof is in the pudding. Dealerships who have little to no sales posts going-out on social media are being followed by thousands of locally engaged customers, that proudly refer everyone they know to do business them.  Why?  Because those dealerships let their personalities shine on social media and it’s attractive.  They support local events, have a genuine interest in their community and have more than just a sales relationship with their customers.  Social media is about just that. Being social. Connect with your fans and show the true face of your dealership.  It will be the best business decision you’ve ever made.