Most of what happens on social media for car dealers is a waste of time. Even if you’re putting money behind it, there’s a very good chance that you’re reaching the wrong people with the wrong message. It doesn’t have to be like that.

The real value of social media is not in the size and reach but rather with the hyper-targeting available on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can and should be targeting people who are in the market today to either buy a vehicle or to have theirs serviced. It’s one thing to put a popular message in front of a large number of locals. There is some value with that if it’s being handled properly. However, the true benefit comes from targeting the right people with a great and pertinent message at the right time.

That’s what makes our automotive social media so powerful.

In the graphic below, you’ll see the stats for a current campaign that is being run. It is targeting people who have raised their hands and indicated that they want to buy a new Nissan within the next 180 days who live within driving distance of the dealership. Clicks to the ad go directly to the search results page on the dealer’s website. These are extremely valuable clicks – similar to television advertising, people who are on Facebook in “entertainment mode” are more likely to act on an advertisement when they are in market. By going after only those who have indicated they’re in the market for a Nissan and by making the ad transparent, we are able to keep the cost per click low. In this case, they’re paying 65 cents per click to their website.

While this is only one of the dozens of types of ads and posts we run for our clients, it’s an important one to note. It must be managed on a constant basis; unlike search PPC or other types of ads, the manual touch offers superior results to software-driven advertising models. There’s a reason that Google and other companies are abandoning ad automation when it comes to social media. They see companies like ours getting far-superior results by putting the human touch on the advertising model.

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