Generate More Sales Leads for Your Dealership

When every dealership is fighting for attention, solid lead generation is the fuel that powers your marketing and sales engine. Having a clear strategy ensures you maintain a steady stream of potential buyers entering your showroom, let’s show you the ways!

Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

Lead generation is more than just a buzzword in the automotive industry; it’s vital to a successful sales strategy. Modern car buyers begin by shopping online, so dealerships must capture their attention early.

A robust lead generation program for car dealers identifies potential customers and nurtures them through the sales funnel, ensuring they choose your dealership when they’re ready to make a purchase. With this approach, you can convert online browsing to in-store buying, driving sales figures up and ensuring your dealership’s growth ahead of the competition.

Customized Lead Gen Strategies

Enhanced Digital Presence & Visibility

Transparent Analytics & Reporting

At Dealer Authority, we understand the value of a lead generation strategy that goes beyond mere numbers.

We recognize that each lead represents a potential customer with unique needs, wants, and situations, who is seeking a dealership that can offer them the right vehicle at the ideal time.

By focusing on creating meaningful connections and providing value at every interaction, we help convert leads into lasting relationships by driving sales and fostering dealership loyalty.


Strategize, Capture, Convert

Every car dealership dreams of having a steady flow of new car leads, but only some know how to capture the interest of these potential buyers.

A strategy that combines digital expertise with traditional sales charm starts with online advertising, SEO-optimized content, and social media engagement. Implementing targeted campaigns that speak directly to your audience’s interests and needs will significantly increase your lead quality and volume.

Unlocking the Digital Doorway to More Leads

SEO, PPC, and social media are more than just industry jargon; they’re powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal to help you acquire new car leads.

A well-optimized website attracts more visitors, while pay-per-click advertising places your dealership at the top of search results, generating more leads, and ultimately car sales. Social media platforms offer a way to engage directly with potential buyers and showcase your dealership’s culture, values, and inventory.

With Dealer Authority, you can leverage your digital channels effectively, ensuring your dealership is top-of-mind when buyers are ready to make a purchase.

Lead Generation Made Easy, with Dealer Authority

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Revving up your dealership’s sales engine begins with a strong lead generation strategy.

At Dealer Authority, we specialize in creating customized lead generation programs that attract, nurture, and convert leads, ensuring your dealership exceeds its sales targets. Our team of automotive digital marketing experts is ready to implement a strategy that captures high-quality new car leads and turns them into loyal customers for you.

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SEO Services with Dealer Authority.

Search Engine Optimization

Elevate your online presence with optimized onsite pages, strategic backlinks, and technical audits each month. Your website will not only rank higher for high-search-volume local searches from in-market shoppers but also become more authoritative.

What to expect:

  • Custom, SEO-friendly content to engage more varieties of users
  • CTA-focused page layouts to drive shoppers to your inventory
  • Powerful internal linking & backlink strategies to boost content visibility
  • Locally-focused keyword targeting to increase regional relevance
PPC Services with Dealer Authority

Search Engine Marketing

Outshine the competition and attract high-converting traffic with our paid search service. Our custom campaigns are designed to cover all bases—traditional search, display, remarketing, VLAs, and beyond.

What to expect:

  • Multi-network ad strategy across all Google platforms for maximum visibility
  • Unique and engaging call-to-action ad content to encourage direct action
  • Detailed conversion tracking of high-value website contact points
Social Media Services with Dealer Authority.

Social Media Marketing

Take your social media marketing to the next level and reach local customers for new cars, used vehicles, service, parts, and more. Leverage the power of social media to build relationships, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

What to expect:

  • Unique content, tailored for your dealership, posted across top social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • Community engagement posting to build brand awareness and positive public sentiment
  • Detailed audience targeting to drive in-market shoppers from ads
  • Commenting and engagement with your followers on your behalf
GBP Management DA Icon

GBP Management

Transform your dealership’s digital curb appeal. Our Google Business Profile Management service includes profile optimization, weekly social and image posting, monthly Q&As, and more so you can stand out in local searches.

What to expect:

  • Listing optimization to return more views for relevant searches
  • Continual strategic updates to the Q&A section to improve keyword relevance
  • Active posting to inform and familiarize shoppers with offers, coupons, and events
  • Vehicle inventory listing injection so your rank higher organically with local in-market shoppers

Building Relationships, Not Just Sales

The core of car sales lead generation is building lasting relationships with potential customers. It goes beyond merely trying to sell a car; modern lead generation for car dealerships requires a strategy that understands the buyer’s needs, preferences, and pain points.

By offering helpful information, answering questions, and providing a straightforward online-to-in-store experience, you’re laying the foundation for a relationship based on trust and value. This approach increases the likelihood of converting new car leads into sales and fosters loyalty and referrals, driving long-term growth for your dealership.

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No Annual Contracts

Our digital marketing service plans are completely customizable and come with month-to-month contracts.

Custom Content

No syndication here! Our solutions are tailored to your dealership.

Proven Success

Our strategies have helped hundreds of dealerships boost their leads and sales.

Dedicated Support

Who needs a ticketing system when you have a team of experts devoted to your success?

Still on the fence? Don’t just take our word for it!

Brian West and the entire team at Dealer Authority are the best in the business, bar none! They manage our social media, PPC and Google Business… and let me tell you, they know what we need long before we do. So if you are looking for the best solution for your dealership’s online existence, look no farther than Dealer Authority. 

Stephen L. Gabbara

General Manager, Szott Ford

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Robertson today. What a Rockstar!!! Her in-depth knowledge of everything digital was refreshing, and we had a great time working together. 5 Stars are not enough, so here you go, Jessica – 10 STARS!!!! 

Kenon Johnson

Automotive Consultant, Stanley Auto Group

I have been a very satisfied client of Dealer Authority for several years now. Initially, we had them working on our group site, but have since had them take over the SEO and SEM for two of our sister stores as well. Erika, Shannon and Jill are a true “Dream Team” and I couldn’t be happier with them!

David Sharp

Marketing Director, Elliott Auto Group

FAQs About Lead Generation for Car Dealers

How do you generate leads in auto sales?

Generating leads in auto sales hinges on creating and nurturing connections with potential buyers. This process often begins online, where digital marketing efforts like SEO, PPC, and a solid social media presence can draw attention. Offline, it involves forming partnerships with local businesses, hosting events, and providing top-notch customer service that turns every visitor into a possible lead and customers into dealership evangelists.

How do car dealerships attract customers?

Car dealerships attract customers by positioning themselves where buyers are looking. That means having an interactive website, engaging social media platforms, community involvement, and maintaining a strong reputation for quality service.

How much do car sales leads cost?

The cost of new car leads varies widely depending on the source and quality. Paid search campaigns can vary significantly, with lead cost ranging from a few dollars to much more. Ultimately, the focus should always be on the return on investment rather than the upfront cost alone.

What is a lead in car sales?

In car sales, a lead is someone who has expressed interest in buying a vehicle. It could be a person who fills out a form on your website, asks a question via social media, or even calls the dealership inquiring about the latest models.

How much do dealerships spend on leads?

Dealership spending on new car leads can vary widely, often depending on the dealership’s size and the market’s competitiveness in its area. Some dealerships spend a few hundred dollars a month, while others invest thousands to ensure a continuous flow of potential buyers.

How do car salespeople get customers?

Car salespeople get customers by developing a strong personal brand, being knowledgeable about their inventory, following up on leads diligently, and providing exceptional service. They also leverage their personal networks while using the dealership’s marketing activities to draw in buyers.

Who is the target audience for car dealerships?

The target audience for car dealerships is diverse, ranging from first-time buyers and family-focused individuals to luxury enthusiasts and utilitarian customers seeking reliable transportation for work. The target audience for each dealer can be different depending on their inventory and who they are trying to reach.

How do dealerships increase profit?

Dealerships increase profit by maximizing the value of each sale through upselling services and products. They improve the sales process to convert more leads into purchases, manage inventory efficiently, and foster customer loyalty for repeat business and referrals. It’s often easier to get an existing buyer to purchase an upgrade or extended warranty than to land another buyer.

What factors predict car sales?

Economic conditions, consumer trends, brand reputation, local market competition, and the effectiveness of the dealership’s marketing campaigns are factors that can predict car sales. Understanding these elements can help dealerships adapt their strategies to current market conditions and increase the number of sales.