About a week ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to Journalism and Marketing students at my alma mater. My former professor asked me to come in and describe a day in the life of a social media strategist, and of course, I was happy to share my experiences.

Over the course of the hour-long class, I described the path that has led me to Dealer Authority and all the things I’ve learned along the way. I described my role as a social strategist by illustrating the hands-on interactions I have with each of my clients and their respective pages, walking the students through copy and graphics creation, and we even took a look at the Insights pages and talked about retargeting with the Facebook Pixel.

But while we were discussing all of the techniques and strategies we use at Dealer Authority daily, we kept coming back to one thing. The common thread that ran through the entire conversation with these college juniors and seniors wasn’t necessarily social media (although that laid some beautiful groundwork!); it was instead the relationships and connections I’ve made. Yes, every step of my professional career has benefited from my skills and industry knowledge, but I can say without a doubt that my truest successes come from the relationships I’ve been able to form.

Whether with a family-owned dealership, a large dealer group, or other vendors, everything boils down to one key point: relationships.

And then it hit me – Dealer Authority is the perfect place for someone who is tired of all talk and no walk. We do it differently here. There is no mass scaling of social media, no set-it-and-forget-it ad strategy… We reach out to our clients every month, preparing for holidays, suggesting authentic and engaging campaigns, and providing knowledge to help the dealer reach their goals.

At Dealer Authority, everything we do is relational. We want to help you rally your community around the high school football team’s trip to states or build engagement for your Toys for Tots campaign. We want to speak with you and really get to know you as not only a General Manager, Sales Consultant, or Service Team Member, but as a person. When we know what makes you tick, we can put authentic content out into your community, helping you emerge as a community leader.

It goes beyond selling cars – it’s about making people feel welcomed, listened to, and supported. And when we get the privilege of doing that for you, you have more time to do that for your customers.

Discover the difference of a hands-on, relational experience when you contact our team today to learn more about the digital products offered at Dealer Authority. We can’t wait to speak with you.