We are ecstatic to announce that we’re adding a new wrinkle to our offering. Our only regret is that we didn’t recognize our ability in this regard sooner. Today, we’re officially offering consultation to our clients!

Executive Vice President Subi Ghosh says, “I’m super-excited to get this going. It’s something that we’ve been doing for a while but that we never really had a name for. Now we do!”

Our philosophy of hiring “car guys” has benefited our clients from the beginning. Even though our core services still reside in search, social, and content marketing, we’ve always been there for our clients when they have questions about anything at their dealership. Now, we’re making it official.

All Dealer Authority clients receive a monthly consultation with one of our experienced “car guys.” Currently, Subi deploys the experience and knowledge of the entire Dealer Authority team to give our clients the best results.  Combine our  expert knowledge of automotive marketing and advertising and we have the basis for a killer team.

Dealers will be able to expand their consultation needs at will. If they want more, they will be able to purchase more. This has proven tremendously beneficial for those who we consult with on a regular basis.

Communication, expertise, and a willingness to help – these are the things that make us successful because they’re the things that help our clients to be even more successful.