I’ve been at home from the Internet Sales 20 Group for about an hour and a half and I already have to blog about it. We are both skeptical and cynical by nature when it comes to conferences; there seems to be so many in the automotive industry nowadays. The IS20Group stood out for us. The reason: it works.

It works for vendors because the interaction all happens in the same room. There’s no hall for booths and then separate conference rooms for breakout sessions. Where the speakers are, where the dealers are – that’s where the vendors and their tables are. Perhaps more importantly, there’s no way to buy your way into bigger exposure. Unlike most conferences, the tables are the same whether you’re AutoTrader of a small startup like us.

It works for the speakers because you’re not fighting for attention. There aren’t two, four, or even eight other speakers going simultaneously. There’s no need to beg people to come to your presentation. There’s one presentation at a time. You have the attention of all attendees.

It works for dealers, and this is the best part. With all the action in the same room, nothing gets missed. It’s easy to network with other dealers and there’s no separate messaging – what one dealer sees at the event is what all of the dealers see at the event. This is crucial with an event that is supposed to be interactive between the audience, the speakers, and the moderators.

I could go into the fun atmosphere, the awesome venue, or the amazing hosts, but those are all matters of opinion. The facts are that the IS20Group is the right format to foster an event based upon education and interaction. We can’t wait until September and the Boston event!