We all know that Millennials and Gen Z are now part of the car-buying audience, but how do car dealership reach them?

Facebook recently published a new study that analyzes how the younger generations connect with brands to help decipher what marketing techniques work. Here are a few ideas from their research to take into account when trying to reach these consumers.

Digital Connectivity

Millennials and Gen Z grew up in front of computer screens rather than televisions. Due to the broader spectrum of this technology, social media has proven to be a valuable platform, not just for social communication, but also for companies to reach these young consumers. According to the Facebook study, younger generations are twice as likely to use Facebook for brand awareness and motivation than live TV.

Car dealerships can find immense value in utilizing these social media platforms to their fullest extent, including Facebook and Instagram. If you’re targeting these consumers, you must have an online social presence to make a brand connection. The more you invest with social media, the more trustworthy and valuable you present yourself to the younger generations.

Brand Values

Another point to take into account is the fact that both generations are more socially conscious. They are looking for businesses that support a cause or are passionate about an issue rather than the lowest price.

With the car industry, there are multiple avenues you can travel down to accomplish this. If you sell any green vehicles, including electric or hybrids, then you already have a product that is environmentally conscious and important to many Millenials and Gen Z. Another idea is to connect with a charity or cause and collect donations or hold an event. The idea is to show these consumers that you care about important issues and that their money will be going to good use.


In a digital world, a personal touch can make a significant impact on a consumer. This is especially true for those under 35, though it can vary based on each group. Millennials enjoy public interactions with brand pages, while Gen Z values private chat options for customer support.

For car dealers, think about the way you converse with your consumers online. Do you have a generic automatic message that encourages potential leads to call your dealership? That won’t work with younger consumers. Assign an employee to monitor and respond to your Facebook page’s private messages and tagged posts. These conversations show that they are not talking to a robot, but a real person who can relate to their situation. It also establishes a relationship with the consumer before they step foot on your lot.

The Millenial and Gen Z generations are a large group of consumers that will only grow as time goes on. Brand awareness with these groups is crucial to the success and continuation of a business. However, their unique mindsets and daily routines can be vastly different than previous generations. A digital presence, social awareness, and personalization are a few key areas to include when connecting with younger consumers. 

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