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What makes Dealer Authority different?

So many vendors offer a laundry list of digital solutions for car dealers, but are those solutions completely customizable?… We are going to guess that the answer to that question is “no”.

Claim your market share and a custom digital marketing strategy with Dealer Authority.

Our team has an average of 11 years in the automotive industry and is ready to create a digital presence for your dealership that lets you stand out amongst your competitors.

What are your contract terms?

Dealer Authority operates on a month-to-month contract for all our solutions. We want to earn your business every month.

How much involvement will I need to have with your social media solution?

We have clients that send us content to post weekly and have input on the ads we are building. We also have clients that have us completely manage their strategy with approval of strategy on the monthly review call. The great thing about Dealer Authority is your level of involvement is completely up to you, the client.

How will you get my dealership's Facebook page more likes?

Your Dealer Authority Social Media Strategist will only target, invite, and engage with local customers. We will also utilize third-party data to make sure that your Facebook Advertising is reaching your ideal customer that is more likely to engage with your page and convert into a sale.

Do you offer exclusivity?

Yes, we offer exclusivity for SEO with our clients. We believe you can’t help your clients dominate if you are working for multiple dealerships in the same market.

What is Octane 360?

Through our fully customized Octane 360 solution, we will assess the branding implemented in your daily traditional marketing campaigns, work closely with your existing vendors, and carry that strategy throughout your social media marketing and landing pages. Think of Octane 360 as a full-service marketing consulting package.

We utilize our expertise in automotive to improve and reinforce your dealership’s message and branding on the digital stage in a way that is CUSTOM to YOUR dealership and cohesive across all platforms.

Ready to get started?

What is your offsite linking strategy? Where do those links come from?

The Dealer Authority Content Writers are very well-versed in the written word and write for various automotive industry blogs, including our own. Our writers will also write for for local blogs in your area to help build your local ranking. These blogs all use relevant keywords help reinforce our linking strategy.

Do you ever syndicate the content you create?

No. Dealer Authority never syndicates content for our SEO or Social Media clients. Each piece of content we create is custom to our client and completely unique.

Why are front-facing Facebook posts just as important as Facebook Ads?

Front-facing posts are crucial to your social media strategy. Front-facing posts not only build up engagement and ‘likes’ to your Facebook page but also show your engagement with the local community. Our social media team puts a heavy focus on using local events and news on our clients Facebook walls, in addition to promoting the dealership and sales.