First-Party Leads

Fill your sales funnel with leads generated by your own social channels.


Your team has proven time and time again that your dealership is resilient, whether there is a recession, a global pandemic, or just a Tuesday. Car dealers are showing up every day to keep Americans on the road. You rely on your experience and success in the automotive industry to face adversity, so why would you rely on third-party lead providers to convert new sales? You shouldn’t.

You have the experience, and we have the digital marketing strategy to generate a continuous queue of first-party leads for your sales team to close. 

Through SEO, PPC, and social media advertising with a custom and never syndicated message, your dealership can convert sales with new customers that are in the market to purchase a car now.


We create custom content that helps your customers make an informed decision on making a purchase with your dealership. This content is 100% original to your website and NEVER SYNDICATED.


Our unique social media campaigns utilize targeted audiences through third-party data to create engaging and unique ads that make your dealership stand out among your competitors and, most importantly, convert low-funnel leads.


Dealer Authority’s expert PPC team doesn’t rely on automation to do our job – we check our dealers’ active campaigns DAILY to ensure that their ads are not only performing but also converting at the best ROI for the dealer.

Did your digital marketing vendor deliver conversions during “stay at home” orders? 

Working with a small-scale digital marketing agency allows our dealers to have a direct connection with our strategists that are implementing their daily advertising.

Even better – no more waiting days to get an answer from your digital marketing vendor. We implement new campaigns and custom artwork with a 48-hour or less turnaround time.

Not one of Dealer Authority’s expert staff were let go or furloughed during “stay at home” orders. We were here for our clients and we will be here for you no matter what challenges our industry faces.

Give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience from their desktop to your dealership.

Relying on traditional marketing tactics isn’t going to cut it with the post-pandemic consumer. Your customers want to be able to find all of the information about your inventory and incentives online before reaching out to start the sales process. Our team can ensure that your social media, landing pages, and pay-per-click ads will reflect consistent messaging so that your consumer comes through your inbox – ready to make a purchase!

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