Facebook has been making some noise lately with several new features that have definitely changed a user’s experience. The most noticeable ones right now are with video, insights, and emoji-likes. If you’re a savvy digital marketer, these changes can be used as an essential part of your campaigns. Here are the basics of what you should know.

Introducing Facebook Live

Last summer, Facebook launched FB Live, which made a huge impact in regards to live-streaming. It seemed inevitable that Facebook was going to dive deeper into the realm of video and that’s what made FB Live so interesting. FB Live was initially launched to be used by public figures and famous people, which was the main limitation. However, you may have noticed over the past few months, there has been a surge of non-famous people using FB Live to record video, which means the roll-out has successfully gone outside the rich and famous. At Dealer Authority, we’ve noticed right away that these “live” videos have a much further reach than posts or regular videos. We think it’s important to pay attention to what these FB Live videos have to offer.

New Metrics to Study Your Audience With

When it comes to FB Insights, you can’t deny how valuable it can be for your marketing. The data is easy to digest and can help you improve your total reach by providing actionable data to create a better page for your fans. Basically, FB Insights illustrates what works and what doesn’t work on your page. The big difference is the new design and collective-data on display when you access the back-end tool.

There is a lot of new and exciting information that can be viewed within different intervals of time. The most interesting features in my opinion, are the measurements of “largest audience” and “most common device” used to browse your page. Along with the capability of changing the date range (which couldn’t be done before), this is a major improvement that allows us marketers to utilize valuable information for cultivating messaging placement and making important marketing decisions.

Specific Reactions in the Form of Emoticons

The final and most interesting new feature from Facebook, has to be the “reactions,” or emoticons. This has the potential to dramatically change the platform for digital marketing in two very big ways: increase engagement and shape the personality of your brand. The use of “reactions,” goes beyond just “liking” a post. It will entice your audience to show real emotion toward your posts, especially from those user’s who don’t like to leave comments. They are a great way for customers to express themselves in either a spirited or passive way, without saying a word.  I would recommend playing with your posts to try to invoke a reaction. This could possibly engage consumers on a whole new level.

It’s safe to say that Facebook isn’t afraid to move quickly, as they find opportunities to make our lives and the online tools we use more interesting. They are rolling-out more innovative and new features weekly. As we notice these changes and figure out the best way to utilize them for your benefit, we will continue to update you. We encourage you to play around with these three new features and test them out…because in this day of fun technological advancements, why wouldn’t you?