Getting Started with your Dealership’s Facebook Business Page

1. If you don’t already have one, you should set up a Facebook Business page.

2. Any user accessing Facebook with their own personal login information can create a business page by selecting “Create a Page” from the options at the top of the Facebook navigation.

3. Give your business page a name that matches the name of your business or another name that people may search to find your business. Include on your new page a clear profile picture and a cover picture or video with the correct dimensions to visually introduce viewers to your business.

4. Take the time to write a robust description of your business in the “About” section and include your dealership’s phone number, email address, and website.

5. Select a “call-to-action” button at the top of your page to direct users to visit your website.

Posting Organic Social Content

6. Publish your page and begin posting right away. The best post types for car dealers include brand, dealership, and local-focused messages written in a conversational voice. Entertaining and educational messages do well. Back-and-forth conversation with people is the goal so don’t be shy about asking questions. However, don’t use specific requests like “Comment below” or Facebook will suppress your post. Instead, try “Let us know…” Save sales messages for rare occasions and focus primarily on building a relationship with locals. (Facebook ads are different, see #10.)

7. Turn on messaging and consider setting an auto-responder to let visitors know you have received their message and they can expect a prompt reply. Reply with a personal message as quickly as possible.

8. Once your page is up and running, click on Insights at the top of your business page to see how people are engaging with your business.

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Build Your Audience

9. Invite friends, family, and co-workers to “like” your business page. Encourage your staff to do the same. When people begin engaging with your posts by liking/loving, commenting, and sharing you can invite them to “like” your page as well. To quickly ramp up your number of “likes” you can consider a sponsored Facebook advertising campaign designed to get likes. Keep in mind, however, this is not the most important measure of your business page’s success.

Social Media Advertising

To maximize the exposure of your business page posts you should consider a Post Engagement budget. For car dealers, a good starting amount is $5/day. You should set geographical targeting to a reasonable size radius around your dealership.

10. Set up Facebook Ads to deliver your sales message directly to individuals who have been identified as being in-market for the make and model vehicles you sell. Dealers should spend approximately $10/day per ad. With Facebook ads, you can target people interested in new cars, used cars, credit challenged, service, parts, or those seeking employment opportunities. You can hyper-target a special message to schoolteachers, military, or employees of a local corporation. The possibilities are endless and the cost per click to your website is lower than most other digital marketing efforts.

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Now that you’ve mastered setting up your car dealership’s Facebook page you’re ready to learn about best practices for creating story ads and launching your dealership’s Instagram -especially since they can be cross-managed through your Facebook Business Manager.

Bonus Tip #11 – Contact Dealer Authority!

Remember, if you would like assistance setting up or managing your car dealership Facebook ads or Facebook for car dealers please call us to learn how we can help fill the gaps in your marketing plan. We also offer unmatched car dealer SEO and automotive PPC services to further increase your car sales.

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