There are reason that so few vendors are utilizing “dark posts” in the social media strategy they sell to car dealers. It’s hard to scale, harder to make a profit from, and hardest to sell in a world where so many focus on the public side of social. In fact, the only redeeming quality of dark post advertising on social media is that it has the most significant trackable ROI in the car business.

That’s not the big secret, though. Many dealers are starting to utilize these unpublished posts on Facebook and Twitter and a handful of vendors are starting to offer them. That cat has been in the process of being let out of the bag for about a year, now. The real secret is that true return on investment can most easily be achieved when a dealership and their vendor partner (such as Dealer Authority) consolidates the strategies of content, search, social, website management, and conversion optimization into a single, holistic model.

Through this model, dealers are able drive local market car shoppers to the right pages on their website so that they can see a tangible increase in sales. Unlike most, we don’t point to intangibles such as branding and exposure, though those components are important. We don’t focus on traffic as a primary KPI, though our clients are seeing cost per click under $1 with strong time on site and number of pages viewed. We don’t even focus on leads generated even though many of our clients are seeing leads at their highest levels in history despite a trend of decreasing lead counts for most dealers.

Our success metric is sales. If we’re not dramatically increasing the number of cars you’re selling, then we’re not doing our job properly. That’s why we don’t charge setup fees and operate on month-to-month contracts. We believe that our success is tied directly into your success and we’ve been winning for our clients since the company’s inception in 2013.

If you want to learn how our automotive social media strategy can take your social media to inconceivable levels by tying it into search and content, please fill out the form below.

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