Events are a powerful yet often overlooked tool for car dealerships. While sales, promotions, and advertising play a large role, hosting unique events can provide significant advantages that directly and positively impact sales and get people in the door. If you’re not holding events at your dealership, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Looking to boost sales and stand out from competing dealerships? Consider incorporating more events into your marketing strategy. Here are five creative and impactful ways events can benefit your car dealership and drive more sales:

1. Draw New Customers to Your Dealership

Events bring fresh foot traffic that may not have visited your dealership before.

From current owners to general auto enthusiasts, events attract people who want to check out new inventory and mingle with staff. Consider hosting open houses, new model launch parties, food festivals, charity events, or collaborating with local organizations.

Unique events help your dealership stand out from competitors while bringing in crowds. These new faces offer sales opportunities beyond just existing leads.

2. Build Excitement and Urgency Around Upcoming Models

Use events to generate buzz for the latest vehicles or redesigns before they hit your lot.

Unveil and showcase models not yet released to highlight future inventory and build excitement. Offer exclusive previews and test drives to let customers experience new technologies and features firsthand. Events create urgency and demand for cars that customers can’t yet purchase.

Consider using contests, giveaways, and pre-ordering incentives to capitalize on this anticipation.

3. Strengthen Community Connections Through Charity Events

Give back to local organizations and non-profits with charity events. Sponsor fundraisers and donate part of sales. Collaborate with schools, hospitals, and community centers.

This goodwill fosters customer loyalty and turns your dealership into a respected community pillar. Strong connections make people proud to purchase vehicles that support their town.

Your dealership isn’t just another business in town; it’s an integral part of the local community. Holding events and partnering with local charities shows your care and commitment.

4. Reward Loyal Customers with Appreciation Events

Host exclusive events just for existing owners, such as appreciation days with catered meals, entertainment, and giveaways.

Recognize repeat buyers who refer friends and family by making them VIP guests. Send invites to customer milestones like anniversary events.

Rewarding loyalty inspires further brand devotion and referrals. It also gets your customers back into the dealership and gives you a chance to talk to them about service programs, upgrading/trading in their cars, and keeping you fresh on their minds to help build word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Create a Fun, Engaging Car Buying Experience

The right events make buying a car enjoyable, not tedious. Food, drinks, games, music, contests, etc., add excitement while customers shop.

Events also allow more casual interactions with sales staff. Removing pressure leads to more sales and positive perceptions of your dealership, which will increase your positive reviews and turn your customers into brand evangelists.

Make your events memorable and shareable on social media.

Events Drive Sales By Creating Connections

Events are more than just fun extras for car dealerships. The right events attract and excite new audiences, build community goodwill, reward loyal customers, and provide an enjoyable car-buying experience.

Events create positive perceptions, relationships, and anticipation that drive sales.

Rather than relying solely on sales and promotions, incorporate creative, memorable events into your marketing strategy. Events turn casual visitors into loyal customers and make people excited to connect with your dealership.

So start planning unique events tailored to different audiences and upcoming inventory. When done strategically, events offer an impactful way to boost car sales beyond traditional advertising.

Interested in adding more events to your calendar? Let our team help you explore options that will bring more people in your doors and turn your empty showroom into party central.

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