If you are eagerly looking forward to sell your car online and don’t know much how to go ahead then you need to carefully plan on that. In general, selling vehicles on the internet requires various innovative steps that are way divergent from that of traditional methods of selling them through newspapers classifieds. The information given in the classified listings hardly motivates any shopper to buy the car. Whereas, the online selling of the vehicles needs a more clinical approach in which detailing is done in such a way that the potential buyer gets more impressed.

Moreover the growing reach and demand for the internet has the potential of addressing a larger and much wider user base, which local classifieds do not. So the possibilities are even brighter for the used cars to be readily sold on the internet these days. However, you have to take care of certain aspects before you plunge into this unknown yet interesting market of selling your used car.

The following are highly useful tips for selling your car online:

1. Be sure to find the best marketplace

Either your car has to be an extremely rare and collectible or a highly advanced supercar so that it can easily get its buyers. But in otherwise scenarios, the cars are listed against similar vehicles in multiple online sites. So it is better to start making sure which is your niche market and who exactly you want sell your car to. The next step you need to take care of is to price your car competitively. Try to research what others are asking for their cars, which have similar models and similar conditions. This asking price should look realistic and be taken from reliable pricing sources.

2. Find popular websites and check their fees

It will be extremely helpful for you if you promote your car in dedicated websites that will bring your buyers as soon as possible. It would be better if you visit each of such websites one by one and compare how other sellers advertise their cars. Some of these sites are – eBay motors, craigslist and Kelly blue book etc. Some of these websites require you to pay charges, whereas in others you can post your ad free of cost. But you also need to go through certain terms and conditions.

3. Clean your car and take quality pictures

Now it is the time your car needs a perfect makeover before getting listed on the selected websites. Start by cleaning every nook and cranny of your car. It is also important for any used car to look shiny and you can achieve this by waxing it extensively. There are a number of tools for doing this. These tools are so effective that can give your car a brand new look. Once you are done with cleaning, do not forget to click on many pictures of your car as possible. When it comes to online selling, quality photos play a vital role as they capture the attention of the potential buyers more than any other thing. However, the pictures should be accurate and truthful. Some experts believe that the pictures should be taken in such a manner that they should tell a story about your car. Therefore the setting and the background of the pictures become very important to encourage the potential buyers.

4.Create your online account and write a compelling description

Creating an account in the chosen online portal is very essential for uploading photos and making payments. Once the account is created, you have to write a brief, accurate and compelling description. Remember that it should not be too long or wordy because it might create a negative impression among the buyers. It should include specific, necessary and true information about your car like – make, model, year, mileage, repairs, modifications, engine condition, asking price and contact information.

5.Close the sale effectively

Closing the sale is one of the most important aspects of the overall online selling. So you need to create an effective communication bridge so that both you and potential sellers should easily reach out to each other. The following points will be helpful to you in this regard:

  • Respond quickly to the queries of the buyers and do not let them wait for more than 48 hours

  • Ask them relevant questions as they might not have read your ad carefully

  • You should offer a test drive to the potential buyers but be careful altogether

  • Negotiate the price

  • Confirm the payment is legitimate