Drive It Now Boost


You already know DriveItNow is great conversion tool, but we always want more! Dealer Authority has partnered with DriveItNow to generate more high quality leads for your dealership using our custom strategy of Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and Facebook Advertising.  Dealer Authority’s proven digital campaigns with DriveItNow’s conversions tools are a winning combination to drive high quality leads to your dealership. 

Content Marketing

It is important to educate customers on how DriveItNow works and the ease of use. Our team of content strategists will review and update your site to help streamline the effectiveness of the tools. This will include the creation of Banners, graphics, stylized buttons, and supporting content pages.


Our PPC experts will build specific campaigns targeting shoppers who are local, low funnel, and searching for payment options. Already have a PPC vendor, No problem. We optimize your campaign so there is no overlap and focuses primarily on monthly payment shoppers.


 Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram have some of the best consumer data available to target. We utilize consumer data to narrow down and drive interested car buyers to your site. The ads will mirror your website messaging and graphics to create brand familiarity with your shoppers.

Dealer Authority Social strategies will create lists of shoppers who have been to your site and retarget them with the DriveItNow messaging. No Missed opportunities here.