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Drip Marketing: Like having a digital BDC Rep.

Are you concerned with shoppers leaving your website without converting? We provide constant follow up through a series of “if/then” actions based on the behavior of each individual shopper. Drip Marketing shows the shopper the right information and incentives until the shopper takes the desired action – buying their next car from you.

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How Does It Work?

Drip is subtle and friendly, but powerful. We are taking all of the traffic that is going to your dealership’s website and creating custom ads on Facebook that match the consumer’s location in their car-buying journey. With Drip, your website is never losing potential customers and the campaigns that we build are made specifically for the engaged and disengaged buyer. If a shopper clicks an ad and never converts to our calls to action, Drip knocks them out of the sales funnel, redirecting those funds to shoppers who are active in the campaign.

As a shopper travels through the Drip campaign funnel, they are served ads that tell the shopper about your “why buy” message– what makes you unique as a dealership. If this shopper engages with your ad but still doesn’t covert, we will ping them one more time with an ad promoting your most recent incentive, sealing the deal for a final sale.



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Take your dealership’s Facebook advertising to the next level with Drip Marketing.

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