The internet is in a state of “Big Brother” syndrome. Everyone knows that their digital movements are being tracked, measured, and analyzed. I’m sure many of you reading this can recall multiple times when you’ve heard friends or family members say, “My phone heard me talk about … and it showed up in my Facebook feed”. I can’t say with 100% certainty that “your phone heard you”, but what I can say is that if you were talking about a product, chances are you have visited their website at some point. Every move a consumer takes on the internet can easily be measured and tracked through simple lines of code that are applied to the retailer’s website. Here’s the thing – it’s our job as marketers to use that data and knowledge for good instead of evil.

Dealer Authority’s methods are always for the good, targeting customers that actually are in-market to purchase a new vehicle, not wasting your marketing dollars on traffic that really has no interest in making a purchase, and providing those shoppers with accurate and helpful information to secure the conversion to a sale.

We have taken that data and turned it into a digital marketing machine that we like to call Drip Marketing. Drip is subtle and friendly, but powerful. We are taking all of the traffic that is going to your dealership’s website and creating custom ads on Facebook that match the consumer’s location in their car-buying journey. With Drip, your website is never losing potential customers and the campaigns that we build as made specifically for the engaged and disengaged buyer. If a shopper clicks an ad and never converts to our calls to action, Drip knocks them out of the sales funnel, redirecting those funds to shoppers who are active in the campaign.

As a shopper travels through the Drip campaign funnel, they are served ads that tell the shopper about you “why buy” message – what makes you unique as a dealership. If this shopper engages with your ad but still doesn’t covert, we will ping them one more time with an ad promoting your most recent incentive, sealing the deal for a final sale.

Facebook campaigns like Drip allow our digital marketers to be intentional with the dealership’s marketing dollars so that those funds are being utilized to educate and further entice shoppers that are truly ready to make a purchase. The longer you let the Drip funnel build, the more fruitful the results will be.

Could Drip be the missing piece to your dealership’s digital marketing strategy? Contact us.