Here at Dealer Authority, we’re always on the lookout for the best in the marketing industry to learn from, and this year we’ve got heart eyes for some seriously inspiring industry leaders! These marketing gurus know their stuff and are ready to share their skills with the world. So sit back, get cozy, and get ready to be inspired!

Alex Cattoni – The Copy Posse

Alex Cattoni

Looking to improve your writing skills? Alex Cattoni is the best in the biz to help you get your copywriting confidence boosted! Getting her start in the marketing arena as Mindvalley’s Creative Director, Alex was an integral part of the team that tripled the company’s revenue, and she hasn’t stopped making marketing magic since.

Hopping from Mindvalley to freelancing to eventually founding The Copy Posse global community and school for copywriters, Alex knows basically everything about creating copy that converts.

She shares fantastic insights free of charge that can help you hone your writing skills on her Youtube channel and other outlets, but if you really want to up your game be sure to check out her various crash-course programs that are as fast-paced as a 5 day intensive, but do come at a cost.

Ezra Firestone – SmartMarketer / Zipify

There are a lot of great marketers out there to learn from, but none quite as quirky, high-energy, and straight-up FUN as Ezra Firestone! This guy loves to use out-of-the-box strategies and sometimes downright weird tactics to create thumb-stopping ads that convert, and we love to implement his strategies into our own ad efforts.

Not only is Ezra running many fantastic e-commerce and marketing brands, including Boom! By Cindy Joseph, Zipify, and Overtone, but he’s also sharing his vast marketing knowledge through the fantastic education opportunities that his company, Smart Marketer, offers. They’ve got a ton of amazing course options to help get your marketing team up to snuff in no time, but Ezra also regularly offers free trainings that feel more like you’re hanging out with your favorite coworker geeking out over the awesome results on your latest marketing efforts rather than a boring old webinar.

With a mission statement of “Serve the world unselfishly and profit,” how could you not love learning from this guy?

Ezra Firestone - Marketers we're crushing on in 2023

Jennifer Spivak – The Ad Girls Agency

Jennifer Spivak - Marketers we're crushing on in 2023

Sick of taking advice from the standard industry bigwigs? Jennifer Spivak and her Ad Girls Agency are breaking the mold of what works in marketing! With a focus on empowering women and women-led businesses, we love her unconventional approach that truly works.

Don’t only take our word for it, though: Forbes dubbed Jennifer the “Conversion Queen” thanks to her proven methods of consistently getting a 7x return on ad spend for her clients, no small feat in today’s marketing landscape! Jennifer’s Everywhere AF strategy proves that you can make a huge impact with social ads with budgets as low as $1 a day, while still keeping your brand in the backs of your audience’s minds.

Her number one piece of advice that we love: don’t discount your services for potential clients who don’t believe in your vision – use your marketing efforts correctly so that you will attract the clients who see the value in your work and want to pay you properly for all that hard work you do!

Viewed by many as the OG of Social Media Marketing, Jon Loomer is one of our long-time loves in the marketing world!

His path to marketing was an interesting one: jumping from bartending to telemarketing to insurance sales to managing the world of fantasy games for the NBA. This was where he first dipped his toes in the Facebook marketing landscape with the creation of the official NBA Facebook group in 2007. In 2011 he decided to take the leap of creating his own site,, and in the time since it’s become a mecca for Facebook marketers to get the latest tips, tricks, and hot takes on what’s going on in the Metaverse.

Not only does he send out one of the few e-blasts that we actually read religiously, thanks to its brief, to-the-point content, but he also gives you a TON of ways to consume his content: perfect for us multi-tasking marketers! Mr. Loomer is constantly creating content for Youtube, Facebook, his private Facebook group for marketers, TikTok, his always-educational Pubcast podcast, and he even offers classes and an exclusive membership for even more in-depth insights and coaching sessions.

Jon Loomer - Marketers we're crushing on in 2023
Margo Aaron - Marketers we're crushing on in 2023

When you’re feeling like the marketing world is full of slimy, sleazy, and downright scammy vibes, Margo Aaron is who you need to restore your faith in humanity.

A psychological researcher turned marketing and copywriting guru, Margo’s whole methodology is based on using ethical and honest copywriting instead of manipulation in your marketing efforts to get folks to actually care about what you have to say. In one of her AdWorld 2022 talk tracks, she pitched it like this: when someone has a problem and you have the solution, your message isn’t annoying but can be the trigger they needed to take action to solve their problem. When you look at your marketing efforts as a way to solve problems for your market instead of simply a way to get a buck, you’re doing it right.

Want to know our favorite quote from her? “The best copy is invisible. It blends into the conversation happening in the mind of your customer & inspires them to act – not to see the copy but to take the ACTION.” If that doesn’t get you feeling all warm and fuzzy about revamping your marketing efforts, I don’t know what will!

Neil Patel – / Ubersuggest

The man, the myth, the legend! If you’ve been in digital marketing for more than a few months and haven’t heard of this guy, you’re doing it wrong. Neil Patel is THE KING of SEO, and following his insights will help you get your SEO, social media, and marketing efforts working in sync to boost all of your results in no time.

With a vast wealth of experience and a track record of success, Neil Patel is truly a marketing trailblazer that you need to take a few cues from if your digital marketing efforts are struggling. He has a deep understanding of the ever-changing online landscape and is known for his innovative and effective strategies, which he has shared with the world through his blog, Youtube channel, and online marketing courses.

From SEO and PPC advertising to social media and content marketing, Neil Patel is an expert in all areas of digital marketing, making him an invaluable resource we love to turn to time and time again!

Neil Patel - Marketers we're crushing on in 2023

Drive your Marketing to New Heights

The marketing world is chock-full of talented individuals who are changing the game and creating impactful marketing efforts. Our list of faves is just a sample of the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that you can tap into to improve your own marketing abilities. With such a diverse range of talented marketers to choose from, it’s an exciting time to hone your skills and reach new heights in your marketing efforts.

Take a cue from these marketing pioneers and start elevating your strategies, or let our experienced team of motivated social media marketers, PPC experts, and SEO strategists help you drive your marketing success!