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“One Size Fits All” Vendors Don’t Work

Are you tired of vendors trying to fit you into a box with their solution? You should not have to change your process for a vendor’s solution.

Our company was built with a team of automotive digital experts. We will work with you to build a cohesive marketing strategy that fills the gaps in your marketing efforts. Our solutions are built custom for each dealership rather than packages focused more on the OEM and their agenda.

We will be coming up on 1 year since we have been partnered with Dealer Authority. It’s one of our, if not our BEST partnerships. We truly value the expertise and knowledge DA brings to the table for business and community.

Jeff Kershner

Founder , DealerRefresh



We develop a content strategy around your dealership and build custom converting pages on your websites. We write content that speaks to the demographics of the most likely buyers.

Most content written on dealership’s websites focuses on the features and technical specifications of models. We write content illustrating YOUR story, why the consumer should buy from YOUR dealership, and humanizing YOUR business.

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Some may say that consumers are not going to social media to buy, but Dealer Authority clients know that just isn’t the case. Facebook and Instagram, with the power of third-party data behind it, are powerful lead generators for car dealers.

Using audiences like OEM, make and model, purchase history, and even credit score, Dealer Authority creates a custom social media campaigns that convert our dealers’ ideal customers.

Curious how social media advertising can help your monthly sales?


Paid Ads

Dealer Authority is a believer in a hands-on approach for paid advertising. Our team of seasoned paid search strategists is constantly building new ads and A/B testing the effectiveness of the ads to convert. We take spending your advertising budget seriously and want to make every dollar count – that is why we don’t rely on automation to ensure that your campaigns are running effectively. We do the heavy lifting to ensure that your dealership succeeds.

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Find out why a custom PPC campaign converts.



Octane is not a one size fits all strategy. We fill the gaps of your current digital strategy which takes coordination and communication. Dealer Authority advises and often communicates with your other vendors to make sure we are all one team working for you.

Don’t settle for another vendor who fits you into a box with their solution. Come see how a team of automotive professionals working with your dealership can grow your business.

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