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Creating Connection Between Your Dealership and Your Customers

Connect with Your Shoppers

There is more to social media than just putting up an interesting post and hoping for the best. Social media is the prime avenue to connect with customers on a more personal level—you may only see someone for an hour or two at the dealership, but if you can interact with them on a weekly or even daily basis on social media, you have a better chance of building a relationship and making a sale.

Dealers have the ability to be business leaders in the community: through social media, you can encourage others to participate in, ask for donations for, and promote various events that are relevant to you and your community.

A Strategy that Works

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram change every single day. New ideas are tested and toyed with constantly. Every dealer deserves a partner who is entirely dedicated to staying on top of these changes—a team of social media experts that have their fingers on the pulse of the various trends.

The perfect dealer partner should study every facet of digital marketing, with a heavy emphasis on Facebook ad campaigns. They should work tirelessly to build relationships with dealers to help you sell more cars, because relationships are everything. They should have a personal liaison at Facebook to help optimize ads, overcome obstacles, and analyze the effectiveness of every type of ad—all of which the team here at Dealer Authority does.

Social Media Management

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Meet the Team That Can Help You Sell More Cars Through Social Media

The social and digital strategists at Dealer Authority have dealership experience, whether that be working right on the floor in sales or experience doing social media marketing for various dealership clients. They analyze your brand and strategize with you about the messages you want to get across, and then they create personalized posts that are built for you and you alone. Dealer Authority does not bulk-post across multiple dealers’ sites, nor do we recycle posts. Recycling is great for the environment, but not for social media!

Our Social Innovation Manager Brian West says, “Dealer Authority is different in that our approach is focused more on the customer above all else. Whether it be the quality of the landing page we send them to, the connections we create between dealerships and their communities, or the design of the ads themselves – we strive to make the customer feel welcomed, appreciated, and part of the local community.”

“Our ads are tailored to invoke feelings, thoughts, and ideas of what owning the vehicle displayed will be like. Whether it’s by creative design work or detailed hand-written verbiage, we go above and beyond to ‘sell’ the customer before they even set foot inside of a showroom.”

Dealerships who are ready to utilize proven strategies for selling cars through social media are looking for Dealer Authority. Our hands-on style of building a true partnership with our clients combines nicely with the cutting-edge techniques that have made our company stand out from the crowd.

Advanced Ad Strategies

We utilize dozens of individual factors separately, making your ads hyper-targeted. We send people within driving distance of your dealership who intend to buy a new car of your brand directly to your inventory. We use several proven ad strategies and we’re always testing new ones in order to create the best outcomes so we can help you sell more cars.

Constant Communication

When you partner with an innovative company such as Dealer Authority, you expect more than just a monthly meeting to go over reports. We are always available—in fact, we talk to many of our clients four to five times per week. It’s our goal to be as open and as connected to you as possible, so that we can go above and beyond when meeting your marketing goals.

Our biggest differentiator is definitely the hands-on collaboration with our dealers. Having Dealer Authority as a partner is like having a full-time social media specialist in your showroom every day! Communication, expertise, and a willingness to help—these are the things that make Dealer Authority successful because they’re the things that help our clients to be successful.

Integration with Dealership Staff

We do exactly what we need to do to support the dealership—and more. Some of our clients have us completely manage every aspect of their online presence, giving us the freedom to create effective campaigns, while other dealers have close communication with us and prefer that we post and market in a specific way. We can adjust and adapt as needed, and are always ready to give advice on which style of relationship would work best for you!

Kick Your Dealership Social Media Presence Up a Notch Today!

Use social media to drive shoppers to your website and to drive visitors to your showroom. Dealers who want to be the most successful at car dealership social media won’t just be broadcasting on social media—they’ll be having open dialogue with customers, asking for feedback, replying to comments and reviews (good AND bad ones), and encouraging those in the community to participate in local events.
You can’t beat the competition using the same tools, messages, and strategies that they use. You need a change. You need an edge. You need Dealer Authority. Contact us today and let us jump start your dealership social media so you can start reaching out to your local community and sell more cars now.

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