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Dealership PPC; what is it and why is it important? How can it help you reach your sales goals? What are the pros? What are the cons? These are all questions that dealers who are new to, as well as familiar with, the concept of pay per click are probably asking before even getting to the how of it all.

Fortunately, Dealer Authority is here to help clear up the cloud of fog around the importance of Dealership PPC. At the end of this article, you can walk away with a firm understanding of why pay per click is such a valuable tool in your digital marketing toolbox and how Dealer Authority can help you make the most of your campaigns so you can sell more cars.

Make an Instant Impact in Search Results

To start, PPC is an amazing tool to use when you want to make an immediate impact on your website’s visibility. With PPC you can instantly launch your dealership to the top of search results by bidding on high volume keywords that will drive new business straight to your site. Not only can you spend as much or little as you want, but you can even strategically stretch your budget to place your ads at high volume search times so that you’re making the most out of your marketing dollar. There’s no need to waste your PPC budget during times that no one is searching for a particular keyword combination you’re bidding on.

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Outrank the Competition and Always Appear First on Google

While SEO, or search engine optimization, is still important for your dealership’s website, pay per click is truly the only way to get your site to the top of Google. Even if your website ranks in first for organic search results on Google or Bing, if your competition is bidding on those same keywords and taking up the first three ad spots, in the eyes of the customer you’re really ranking in fourth.

Depending on the ad type you can even get free leads out of this superior position as well. With deep links, you can feature your dealership address, hours, a link to the contact page, and your phone number. Having this type of information right at the top of search results can lead to people immediately finding the info they want and directly giving you a call or hopping into their car to come directly to the address on the ad without even clicking on it. When that happens it means you got free traffic from the ad and you didn’t have to pay for the click, how cool is that?

See Which Campaigns Are Working, Find Out Which Ones Aren’t

Because Google crawls for PPC daily you don’t have to worry about whether customers are seeing these ads. PPC ads update in real time and offer tangible results where you can see which keywords are working and what times work best for your ads. It also shows you what’s _not_ working, which is just as important. It’s simple to manage and manipulate your campaigns so when you do detect that an ad isn’t performing as well, you can easily move your budget to campaigns that are working or switch up the keywords you are bidding on to try out something new.

You never have to waste your budget on something that doesn’t work with PPC and you can quickly turn a campaign on or off without a waiting period -so long as you have the right partner working on your PPC.

How to Get Started on Your Dealership PPC

So now that you understand the pros of PPC, and discovered that there aren’t really any cons, you may be wondering how do you get started? The traditional answer would be with keyword research; the better answer is to contact Dealer Authority.

Compared to many other vendors, Dealer Authority will truly allow you to make the most of your automotive pay-per-click efforts and budget in several ways. For starters, we offer upfront pricing with a dedicated account manager that you can reach at any time, day or night and we don’t take a percentage of your budget nor do we automate your ads. With Dealer Authority, your dedicated PPC manager hand crafts your ads and is constantly optimizing your account by getting rid of keywords that aren’t converting so that your budget isn’t being misspent.

Make the Most of Your PPC Campaigns with Dealer Authority

Because automated tools can make custom edits to your ads that can overlook errors like pushing inventory that is out of stock, or not updating new model years we shy away from them altogether. Instead, we do everything for your account by hand, we’re always touching it, constantly optimizing, and making changes so that you truly get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Our expert team can use your existing Google Analytics to track your success and focus on quality traffic, targeting people who are ready to buy, and not just in research mode.

Trying to get rid of inventory? Tell us what you want to sell and we can help you move it! The great thing about working with Dealer Authority is if you need to make a change or want to tackle a new keyword you can call, email, or text us right away to make the changes to your account in real time. No need to put in a ticket that can get lost or suffer through a sea of callbacks like you might experience with other vendors.

Say goodbye to plug-n-play and hello to a custom paid search strategy.



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